In-company English courses have become a “must” for any company that wants to operate with guarantees in the international market.

In-company language training can be carried out both face-to-face and through personalised online courses.

What is the most effective method of learning English for business, and is there a difference between online training and E-Learning? At Classgap for Enterprise we answer all your questions and help you design the most suitable training path for your business.

E-learning or e-learning: What is the difference?

E-Learning: E-Learning training is developed through digital content (recorded classes, e-books, tests to pass the different levels…). It is a very autonomous type of training in which students are in charge of managing the entire study calendar without the presence or personalised monitoring of tutors.

Online training: Online training is the methodology used by Classgap for Enterprise in our in-company English courses. The classes take place live in a virtual classroom. In the classroom, a teacher specialised in English for business interacts with employees to practice conversations based on real situations, share all kinds of content and clarify doubts through a virtual whiteboard.

What are the advantages of online training for companies?

At Classgap for Enterprise we are committed to online training as the most effective and flexible method for offering in-company English language training tailored to the needs of each company and employee.

We combine the benefits of face-to-face methodologies (direct contact with specialised in-company language teachers) with the flexibility of schedules and accessibility without geographical limitations of online training.  

These are the main advantages of online language training for companies:

  • Flexibility: You can reconcile your employees’ working hours with the in-company English classes and make changes to the academic calendar in case of unforeseen circumstances whenever you need to.
  • Personalisation: Classgap for Enterprise online language training can be customised to meet the needs of each job, each team as a whole or each employee. If you want to identify your company’s needs and set precise objectives, you can use our Business English test to find out the real level of your employees in English for business.
  • Tax benefits: Online training in English for companies is subsidised by official organisations such as FUNDAE. The credits are granted through deductions in Social Security contributions. At Classgap for Enterprise we take care of the management of the subsidies for you.

What personalised online training is like

Every company has different needs and objectives when it comes to in-company language training for its employees.

The best in-company English courses must integrate a high degree of personalisation that guarantees maximum profitability for the corporation, both in terms of economics and in terms of time and resource management.

This is the main objective of Classgap for Enterprise in our online English language training for companies, in which we adapt all the advantages of face-to-face training to the digital environment:

  • Advice: In the initial phase we help our clients to design a tailor-made training itinerary in which both the academic calendar and the objectives to be achieved for each of the students in the short, medium and long term are configured.
  • Training: Classes in Classgap for Enterprise’s business English courses are conducted via video calls in which teachers interact with their students in real time.
  • Monitoring: Classgap For Enterprise’s online English for business training is scalable. When teachers detect that their students are increasing their level, the pace is modified to provide them with the resources they need to keep progressing. This system is also applied in reverse in the case of students with more difficulties, slowing down the pace of learning to facilitate their assimilation.

Choose the best option for online English courses for companies

You already know the difference between online training and E-Learning in English for business.

You have seen that the online methodology is the most flexible and effective system for achieving short-term results in business languages.

It’s time to get going and choose the best option in business English courses. Classgap for Enterprise provides your employees with the tools they need to interact fluently in English with clients, partners and public administrations around the world.

Contact us now and start designing 100% customised English for Enterprise training for your employees today.