The English classes for companies that are requested meet the requirements of businesses, companies or projects because their design, from the initial stage, is conceived for this purpose. The aim is for an employee of a company with a specific position to use the language in a way that is appropriate to the position and the sector in which he or she works. Hence its importance. It is not something that can help you. It is something that will help you in the immediate future.

10 advantages of in-company English classes

  1. They help to make an ear in a business environment. Meetings, conversations with clients and chats are some of the things that will be practised.
  2. You will learn very specific expressions. They will be used as greetings, goodbyes, to ask questions and not to be disrespectful at any time.
  3. You will master working video calls. The English classes for companies are online, so you will listen to the audio on the computer.
  4. Communication will be improved at all levels. Studying a language helps the brain to establish better relational connections between concepts.
  5. It will be useful from the very first lesson. Business English can be practised from the first contact.
  6. The worker goes from employee to talent. It is important that people are more than a tool to do a specific service.
  7. The classes are 100% specific. This specificity is key to their success.
  8. Business communication, vision, formality and diplomacy are gained. You develop a professional in multiple senses.
  9. They allow you to understand and create content in business English. It is valuable to give and receive information.
  10. It is not an individual effort. Teachers help in a personalised way both in one-to-one and group classes.

English for business: training courses for the sales team

The most commonly used business English is conversational. Telephone calls, client briefings to catch up and strategy meetings are some of the situations that will be rehearsed in business English classes. A company’s sales team must communicate fluently with any potential investor, supplier or client. For this reason, the sales team must not only know the basic level of business languages, but must also follow more advanced business English courses.

The commercial department is the one that uses the most innovative and globalised concepts, which are, by force, in English. Being at the forefront of the language always forces them to be at the forefront of work. For this reason, all their efforts to learn must be applied and based on Business English. This must be communicative and explanatory above all else.

7 tips for mastering business English

  1. Read press releases from native media. It is more formal business English to learn.
  2. Create a glossary of words to review wherever you go. This small vocabulary guide will help before every key moment.
  3. Ask for a specific lesson before any meeting in English. To master something you have to try it out and have the confidence that comes from practice.
  4. Study the different accents. English is spoken as a first language by many people with accents, but also by others as a second language who can’t help but have a lack of their first language.
  5. Learn what not to say. Sometimes there are words that must be pronounced in one exact way because another may mean something completely different. This is to be avoided at all costs.
  6. Write to master grammar. Writing emails or reports helps to lay the grammatical foundations of the language and carry over into conversation.
  7. Practice pronunciation in front of a mirror. Each vowel should be well marked and the tongue and mouth should be positioned in a certain way.

In-company English classes: the best resource for your employees

It has become clear over the last few years that the best asset businesses have is to retain the talent they already have and help them develop it. There is no point in losing employees every few years who need time to adapt to the job.  Turnover does not create a team nor does it specialise the employee. Having someone who is already functional and enhancing their value is an investment that pays off. That is why this resource is particularly in demand by companies. In addition, they are part of the decision as to what their employee will study, in what way and how he/she carries it out. For their part, workers will gain in efficiency, one of the best resources for working hard and working well.

Classgap for Enterprise’s business English courses are 100% specific because we know that it is crucial for good language development. The business approach is one that needs to be measured, tracked and deliver results to be judged as a success story. And we do. Contact us.