Customized online training

When thinking about personalized training for companies, a teacher comes to mind, giving a class to the workers, solving doubts… all this in a face-to-face way.

Personalization is a factor that we unconsciously relate to physical presence, we do not conceive that a class solves our real training needs if it is not in a face-to-face way. Until relatively recently it was logical to have this thought, the alternatives that existed to the presencial classes did not cover completely the demands of the users.

Dehumanization is the weak point of online training and with the options that existed until now the dehumanization was total, those online training through videos or mockups do not allow contact between teacher and student, being a training more cold and distant.

But the online training sector has evolved, through personalized online training, online classes are as close as a face-to-face one. Classes are held via video conference within a virtual classroom, where there is both possibility of sharing documents and screen, and a virtual blackboard. So we can only think about the rest of the factors that influence the decision to hire face-to-face or online training for our company.

Travel is a cost that must be assumed in the classroom training, either by the teacher going to the company or the employees going to the place where the training takes place.

In addition, through this type of training we find geographical limitation, if a team is un different places (as could happen with a commercial team), classroom training for this case would not be effective since many employees would not be able to attend or would miss classes.

Class costs are a relevant factor. In some cases, the training of employees requires the rental of a space to give classes, as well as a variable costs such as material, transfers… In case we want to train a large number of students, we will have capacity problems, so different training sessions will have to be organized for the employees, which will mean more cost.

Continuing with one of the impediments we have mentioned, missing classes due to geographical displacement, when setting the date of a class it may not fit into the working schedule of many employees, so achieving a schedule that benefits all workers will be complicated.
Through the methodology of personalized online training with a real-time teachers each employee can choose the time that best suits him to perform their training, so they do not lose either travel time or class.

As you have seen, it is possible to train your team in a personalized way and save money on it, in addition, do not forget the fact that conducting classes remotely contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, so the benefit is no longer only for your employees and your company, but also for the environment.

Did you know that in training you can also measure the ROI of the investment in online learning? Make your calculation easy.