Nowadays programming is as necessary as reading, every day we use devices that work thanks to a programming language, but until now it had not affected us all, only those IT profiles that worked it.

Programming is in everything, and that is why it is increasingly necessary for company departments to have a basic understanding of these languages, or at least those that have it more closely.

Years ago it might have seemed crazy to train your employees in Chinese and nowadays it is one of the most demanded languages. Training your employees in some programming language, apart from being a career boost for both the professional and personal side of the team, makes your staff better prepared against the competition.

Benefits of training your employees in programming

  • Greater autonomy: If your employees can correct mistakes on their own they will speed up the work. For example, if the content writer of your company’s blog knows how to handle HTML and CSS, he or she will be able to solve any problem that arises in his or her work, which also means a release of workload for the technical team.
  • Increase the value of your team: Currently there are few profiles apart from technicians who know how to program. Training in programming will put your company in an advantageous and unique position against the competition.
  • Team feeling: Training workers from different departments in programming is a great opportunity to foster a feeling of belonging to the company and team. Studies show that the majority of workers do not relate to employees beyond their usual work team. By training employees from different departments, relations between them are improved and a good working climate is created.
  • Complement the knowledge of the IT team: the members of your IT team may specialise in some languages more than others, which is why programming training courses will help them remember other languages and become very competitive profiles.

As you have seen, training your employees in programming brings great advantages to your company. In the fully digital world we find ourselves in, we have to be constantly updated. Anticipating the changes and the skills that the market will demand is fundamental in order to advance in the complicated economic situation in which we find ourselves.

We must not forget that training in programming for employees is not only for those who are just starting out. At Classgap for Enterprise we create training for those IT employees who want to reinforce or improve their skills in a specific programming language. Other programming trainings are pre-established courses so they are not adapted to the level of each employee. 

Thanks to the personalized training, your company’s IT employees can improve in those programming languages they need, starting from their level. 

Many companies have left aside the training of their employees due to this crisis, however they do not know that the training of the employees is subsidized thanks to FUNDAE (State Foundation of Training for Companies) up to 100%.

Don’t you know how to get a bonus for training? At Classgap for Enterprise, as well as designing a training programme tailored to the needs of your company, we manage the bonus to make the process easier for you.

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