Which Italian language course does your company need?

Business Italian is one of the most popular training courses in companies. If you work with the European market, mastering Italian for business is necessary to stand out. English is the international language of business. It is absolutely necessary on a global level, but if you are going to a country whose mother tongue is a different one, the best way to stand out is to speak their language.

Italian is a Latin language so learning Italian in Italian classes will be much quicker, you can achieve results quickly. Italian courses at Classgap for Enterprise are designed to meet different needs: raising the Italian level of employees, improving business Italian, improving conversation and expanding Italian vocabulary.

Each company has different language needs depending on the sector to which it belongs, Italian for business is in great demand by companies in the fashion and automotive sectors. In order to offer completely personalised training, we have teachers specialised in the linguistic needs of each sector, in order to be able to apply Italian for companies directly in the day-to-day running of the business.

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Italian courses at Classgap for Enterprise

What does your company need?


Specialised courses for those starting from scratch. Intensive Italian courses to acquire a basic level of Italian quickly.


In the Business Italian Course your employees will learn to improve their communication, vocabulary and expression in the business aspect of Italian. They will also improve their level.

Level Up

Specialised course for those employees who have a basic knowledge of Italian. Raise your level of Italian in an easy way with intensive or basic courses.


Basic Course

Trainings of 2 hours per week
Duration from 3 to 6 months

Intensive Course

4 hours per week
3 to 6 months

“Welcome to the revolution in the world of training”.
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The Italian classes for companies take place in our Virtual Classroom. This is our own platform where students and teachers carry out the Italian class via video call. In the Virtual Classroom you have the necessary tools for the explanations of the class: possibility of sharing documents, screen, chat...

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What level of business Italian do your employees have?

Every employee is different, and so is their level of Italian. Share the test with your employees to find out what level they are starting from and discover which in-company Italian course is best suited to their needs.
Italian Test for Companies
test de italiano para empresas

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