Have you ever considered introducing a foreign language in your company? It is common to think that for your company to continue to thrive you only need to speak your own language, as you mainly do business within your own country. But if your goal is to start expanding your business in other countries, such as Italy, employees and colleagues need to be fluent in business Italian. Why? Let’s see why!

Table of contents

  • Advantages of training your employees with Italian language courses for companies
  • How to find the best online Italian language training courses for companies
  • Italian for business: make the most of negotiations
  • Italian for business: advantage or prerequisite for employees?

Advantages of training your employees with Italian courses for companies

Everyone likes to be spoken to in their own language. This is especially true for customers and potential buyers. You make them feel more comfortable, so they can communicate much more effectively. But what are the advantages of training your team in Italian for business?

  • For a start, there are more than 60 million native Italian speakers who communicate in Italian, using it on a daily basis. This means that, as Italian is one of the 30 most widely spoken languages in the world, there are great business opportunities.

  • Italy is a great trading partner: Italian companies are the third most important customer for Spanish companies, and Italy is also Spain’s fourth largest supplier in terms of trade. There is a lot of industry and companies that invest in both countries in a reciprocal way.

  • This is a competitive advantage: not everyone can communicate in Italian. In fact, there are no more than 4 million people who have learned Italian as a foreign language. That, compared to other languages such as English, is very few, which means that there will be a greater unexplored business opportunity.

  • It is an easy language for Spanish speakers to learn: due to the origin and kinship of these languages, Italian is very easy for Spanish speakers to assimilate and learn. Moreover, it is an excellent language for business, as it is also a language with which we share the same sounds and the Latin alphabet, which makes communication closer.


How to find the best online Italian language training courses for companies

There are many Italian courses for companies on the market. However, in addition to the quality that the course can offer, the best Italian language course for your company’s employees should be able to meet your expectations, reaching the objectives you want to achieve. It is important to look for in-company language courses that can be adapted to your needs and those of your employees:

  • Will it be a course with flexible schedules that you can adapt to the activities of the employees?

  • Will you be able to customise the training according to the level or needs of the employees taking the course?

  • Will you have someone to turn to in case of doubts or emergencies?

  • Are there teachers specialised in business Italian who know how to communicate the value of business Italian?

  • Will the training be in business Italian or just a language course?

  • Will the training be online or e-learning?

At Classgap for Enterprise we know the importance of all these issues, so you can always come to us and customise your courses. And because we know that determining the current language level of employees is a headache, we can help with that too with this Italian language test for companies.

Italian for business: making the most of negotiations

As we said before, speaking the language of a potential client and knowing how to communicate with them without having to make much effort is a plus point for your company. And if you are also dealing with the Italian market, this is intensified: Italians value highly that someone can communicate in business Italian to close negotiations.

It is interesting as an extra point to take into account the cultural traditions and customs that surround the Italian business world. Therefore, if you want to succeed in Italian companies and introduce language courses for employees, it is relevant to look at whether the course in question can cover such cultural aspects in business.

Italian for business: Advantage or prerequisite for employees?

Italy is a major economic as well as cultural power. The Italian business community places a high value on communication in their language by entrepreneurs who wish to do business with them. Moreover, while the world is focused on learning other, more widespread languages, these undeniable business opportunities have been left unexplored in Italy, which means that there will be less foreign competition. 

Today, mastering business Italian is a competitive advantage if you want to communicate with Italian clients. But it is also a prerequisite for your customers in Italy to feel comfortable dealing with your company. This is why it is crucial to introduce business languages such as Italian for business – contact us to create your tailor-made business Italian courses!