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The most traditional technological profile in a company is directly related to programming for companies. Although this is absolutely essential and key for web development, this profession has been transforming and specialising in other more specific areas. For example, nowadays we cannot conceive of a company that does not work on its cybersecurity to protect the business from any attack.

Likewise, anyone working directly with the area of programming for companies will have to master specific programmes and languages: It is essential to know how to apply Java to your business, master C++ (an essential language in a company) and work with .Net, the future of programming for companies.

As you can imagine, an IT expert must be able to master all the above and, in addition, work on expanding their knowledge to make their company stand out from the competition. Even so, there are still many businesses that are not clear about these concepts and confuse programmers with IT or other employees… Do you know how to differentiate between them and how they can benefit you?

Programming for companies and IT expert… Are they the same?

A business programmer is a person who works with code to programme computer systems that meet the needs of the company. On the other hand, an IT expert is dedicated to analysing a company’s technology in order to analyse the problems it may have and solve them. Likewise, this profession covers many other functions such as:

  • Gathering information and data
  • Increasing the technological performance of the company
  • Providing IT support
  • Implementation of new technologies
  • Software administration

programming for companiesAs you can see, the job of IT expert is really a necessary evolution of the job of programmer. This is due to the fact that, nowadays, companies are much more automated and linked to the technological world and, therefore, a person who is an expert in controlling all areas of an e-commerce is needed. For this reason, a good IT expert is someone who can not only perform the function of programming for companies, but who has a perfect command of everything that has to do with “Information Technology“.

It is important to understand that the IT sector is constantly changing. This means that workers who are fully dedicated to it have the need to be continuously training and learning new digital skills. There is no doubt that having this type of employee is vital in any company today, but if these workers do not update their knowledge it is likely that your company will easily become stagnant.

The most important IT profiles in the company:

  • Systems analyst
  • Programmer
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data manager
  • SEO/SEM consultants
  • Network administrator
  • Help Desk and technical support

How to transform your company thanks to IT profiles and programming for companies

In recent years we have seen that companies have experienced a major technological change. This is due both to the demands of the market itself and to the fact that the profiles of workers are becoming more and more specialised. Even so, we may have come across the fact that some of our workers have become outdated and, unfortunately, cannot keep up with the competition. If we do not want this to be a normal situation in our company, as it is totally counterproductive, the best thing to do is to start training your employees in programming for companies.

The first thing you have to do is to find a good official centre that adapts all the training to your company and employees. At Classgap for Enterprise we have more than 10 years of experience in the business training sector, so all our courses are 100% customised based on the objectives and needs of each employee. With the aim of offering the best corporate training we have developed the “Virtual Classroom” platform, a unique space where teacher and student can have a totally bidirectional communication, share notes, projects, exercises… everything designed to learn in the best possible way.

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If, in spite of everything, you still don’t know how to approach programming training for companies, don’t worry. In Classgap for Enterprise we have a totally free audit service where our experts will accompany you throughout the process.

As you have seen, programming for companies is not only focused on specific programmes, but it is the basis for developing all future professions related to technology. In that case… Do you want to see your company evolve and have more clients? Then contact us today and start training your employees in programming for companies!