Soft Skills

Due to all the difficulties we have encountered this year, Soft Skills have become one of the most important skills in any company. Not only have we had to understand them and work on training our employees in them, but from human resources we have also learned how to maximize the Soft Skills in our company.

We are all aware that having a happy team is essential to bring out the full potential of our employees and achieve our business objectives. If you want to take the plunge and start improving both the business environment and the work dynamics, read on!

Challenges of Soft Skills in happy teams

Soft Skills are the future of any company that wants to invest in its employees and grow as a business. That is why they are fundamental to avoid the daily problems that we are having in all departments as a result of the implementation of telework.

Problems of a company during the Covid-19 crisis

  • Lack of knowledge of the team
  • Lack of contact between departments
  • Lack of disconnection
  • Daily obstacles
  • Less human connection

By working on developing Soft Skills in the company we can minimize these problems and optimize all these processes. Although it may seem very complicated, with a few small changes in the dynamics of companies and in the attitude of both employees and managers, we will achieve drastic changes that will boost your company to unsuspected limits. You know what they say:

“A boat does not go forward if everyone rows in his own way” – Swahili proverb.

Soft Skills to manage happy teams

Soft Skills can be applied to so many areas of every company and bring so many benefits that it would be a crime not to take them into account. In human resources we know perfectly well the importance of being able to manage a happy work team and, no matter how many benefits you give your employees (salary increase, discounts in gyms, per diems…), undoubtedly during this crisis what they need most is support, understanding and recognition.

Are you working on the Soft Skills needed to manage happy teams, don’t you know what they are, do you want to know what actions to take to apply them? In Classgap for Enterprise we have all the solutions.

Coaching, your greatest support

This soft skill, apart from being essential to work on creating a happy work team, is one of the most demanded Soft Skills for workers in 2021.

By coaching our employees, we will be able to see the difficulties they are experiencing in their workplace, help them to overcome them and, above all, learn from these difficulties. Some actions clearly to be developed in a company to implement coaching are:

  • Assign a “Buddy” to a new colleague so that they feel they have direct support in the company.
  • Supporting vocational training where employees can make up for their training deficiencies and work on personal improvement.

Company trainings are one of the best tools that companies have to make their employees feel valued and to see that they are really committed to them. Likewise, they are essential for a company that wants to keep up to date with the latest developments and be able to apply them to each job. At Classgap for Enterprise we have more than 10 years of experience in the education sector, so all our courses are 100% customized based on the objectives and needs of each company. With our “Virtual Classroom” platform, your employees will be able to carry out online training with all the tools and advantages of classroom training. Thanks to this, they will be able to develop new knowledge in the best, quickest and most efficient way possible.

If you are not sure where to start, don’t worry, because at Classgap for Enterprise we have a free audit service. Our experts will determine both your company’s training gaps and the areas that need to be strengthened in the future.

Leadership, show them the way

As you have already seen, Soft Skills can be trained perfectly. That is why it is key to work on leadership so that your team does not feel lost and can focus resources on business objectives. A good leader is capable of making a difference in a whole company.

One of the most motivating leadership actions for employees is to explain success stories of internal projects. It is important that employees are well informed about what we are doing and what strategies have worked. This will not only give them a stronger bond with the company, but as leaders we can also show them how we can improve processes to achieve good results.

The trendy Soft Skill: Assertiveness

Assertiveness is one of the most recent Soft Skills to be taken into account by companies. Precisely because of the situation we are in, it has become absolutely essential. By developing this skill we will be able to communicate our doubts and solve problems with our employees in the best possible way without misunderstandings. It is also very useful for resolving conflicts between employees and reaching agreements that are beneficial for everyone.

This Soft Skill can be applied in moments such as “virtual coffees” to connect with your employees or in daily meetings so that they can tell you in depth about business situations to be solved.


Soft Skills are becoming more and more important in the human resources area, so it is essential to be able to apply them when managing happy teams. Contact us today and start improving Soft Skills in the whole company today!