It is common knowledge that speaking a second language, in addition to one’s native language, is no longer a bet on the future, but is essential for the present. In recent years, languages such as Russian or Chinese are booming and this is due to the expansion of their markets. There are many emerging markets that offer new opportunities to learn languages as a new business strategy, but let’s not forget that English is still the main language for business.

Companies are concerned that their employees have a good command of languages, as they have seen that this provides companies with benefits in terms of accessing information, establishing contacts, disseminating their products and/or services, as well as obtaining new business abroad. Do you want to know if languages are essential for companies? We tell you all about it in this article.

The language essential for your company’s business

Globalisation, especially economic and technological globalisation, has consolidated English as a universal language in the business world. There is no doubt that incorporating English into your company is essential to continue growing. Organisations have expanded their geographical area of influence and need teams that are fluent in languages to do business in other countries, to open up to international suppliers and clients, to coordinate their own offices or branches. In all these cases, English takes precedence over other languages and can even determine the survival of a business.

The same has happened with the popularisation of the Internet, which has forced companies that want to compete in an international market and have greater business opportunities to have their website in another language, in order to achieve greater visibility, position themselves in search engines and improve their corporate image. Not forgetting that 80% of the information circulating on the web is in English, a much higher volume than in Spanish or any other language. Therefore, it is essential for your business to have a website in English, in addition to your official website in your company’s native language.

Reasons why your employees need to learn languages

One of the main reasons why companies want their employees to learn languages is to improve communication with their customers. Speaking English is essential when doing business, not only because it facilitates communication with customers, but also because it improves the image of your company, improves the quality of responses and can be a strong strategy when it comes to building loyalty with potential new customers.

Access to information is one of the greatest advantages for a company with multilingual staff. Much of the content that can be interesting for business is in other languages such as English. Encouraging your employees to learn a second language such as English will save you time and effort that can be invested in online training for employees.

The benefits that can be gained from in-company language training are not just for the business. Employees should see it as a personal benefit, as encouraging language learning makes their attention and activity much more efficient. Everyone in the company needs to be kept up to date, including team leaders. Among these updates is language learning, so providing your employees with the best language training for business will benefit them and your company.

What are the benefits of language training for employees?  

  • People who speak several languages are very good at making decisions.
  • They are better at solving problems
  • They are excellent for expanding business abroad
  • They are more self-confident

How to train your employees in languages for business?

It is clear that language skills are a prerequisite for your company’s business to run smoothly. Communication and language skills can make all the difference in a globalised labour market. With in-company language training, not only the company benefits, but also every single one of your employees. Thanks to training, you will break down language barriers so that your company can grow and expand its business vision internationally.

If you want to find the best option to train your employees in languages, one of the best options is Classgap for Enterprise. With more than 10 years of experience in the education sector, we offer fully customised language training courses so that employees can learn as much as possible in the shortest possible time. Thanks to our own “Virtual Classroom” platform, your employees can get the best online language classes for companies. In this space they can share notes, do practical work, correct projects… everything they need to have the best language training for companies.

Languages are a prerequisite for any company that wants to grow in its sector. Business language training is the starting point for achieving your company’s goals. Contact us today and start training your employees in business languages now!