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Leadership training is one of the most demanded by companies nowadays. New work models demand different ways of managing teams and managers must be prepared for this. The role of the leader when communicating with their team is decisive in the results of the work, through leadership courses your employees will learn to create healthy and stable relationships with their workers to reach the objectives and obtain the best work performance.

Leadership for Managers

Leadership for Managers

Leadership training for managers is essential nowadays. Developing soft skills will improve management and communication within the team. Through individual leadership training you will detect what kind of leadership your managers use and how to evolve for the benefit of the team and the company.

Group Leadership

Group Leadership

Group leadership courses are the best option for training several managers simultaneously within a company. Group activities encourage the development of synergies between trainees so that they learn from each other and evolve together. Leadership courses for group managers allow to unify the mission of the company with the leadership of the departments.


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We can find four types of leaders, from transactional to transformational, do you know the differences? As a person develops their ability to lead, they become more involved with the team and change the way they achieve goals, inspire employees and create bonds between them. By training your employees in leadership you will achieve your company's goals and ensure its long-term prosperity.


Online leadership training is possible. At Classgap for Enterprise we are committed to personalised online training, which means combining the advantages of online and face-to-face training. In our virtual classroom we have all the necessary tools to make the class as natural as possible.

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New Managers

Strengthen the leadership skills of your most experienced managers, with advanced leadership training for managers you will build a high-performing team.

Conscious Leadership

Strengthen the leadership skills of your most experienced managers, with advanced leadership training for managers you will build a high-performing team.

Group Leadership

Group leadership trainings will teach the basics of good leadership to all your managers, take advantage of group synergies to foster group learning.

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