Customized M Project training for your team

M Project allows you to manage your projects in the simplest way: you can manage tasks, assign the necessary resources, monitor the project and analyse workloads.

By training your employees in M Project you will get your team to work on the projects in a simple and organised way to reach the objective easily.

One to one classes

One to one classes

M Project’s individual classes are perfect to meet the specific needs of your employee, adapted to his or her level.

Group classes

Group classes

By training your team in M Project as a group they will receive a homogeneous training, the group encourages ideas and the resolution of doubts.


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We are committed to personalised online training, which means that our classes take place in our own Virtual Classroom, where the class takes place in real time via video call. The platform has a virtual blackboard, a tool for sharing screens and documents... Everything you need!
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Basic Training

We start from scratch for those who do not know M Project

Advanced Training

For those who want to know the tool in depth.

Company project

Our teachers will help you with your company's project.

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