When a company is committed to training its employees in English, it knows that it is key to obtaining the best results for the company and for the employees themselves. English language training for employees is an advantage for them, but they must be offered facilities and comforts so that they can make the most of this opportunity. How to adapt to the needs of the employees? There are different training methodologies and different English language courses for different employee needs.

The best known methodologies that we are going to talk about are: on-site training and online training. Face-to-face training is that which requires the presence of the student, in this case the employees, in the classroom where the teacher is located. On the other hand, we have online training, which refers to the development of training activities through non-face-to-face visual environments, so it is not necessary to physically attend a training centre.

Do you want to know the advantages of face-to-face and online English language training? Here, we present them to you so that you can choose the best methodology for your employees.

What online English language training for business is like

Online training for employees is much more convenient. Why? With the simple gesture of turning on the computer and connecting to the internet, training can be accessed in a single click. Office-based employees often don’t have the time to travel to an academy or teleworkers don’t find it feasible to travel to a class. Therefore, the convenience of online English language training makes it possible to better organise schedules and not have to leave the workplace to attend classes.

A good live online training will not make you feel distance from the tutor, you will be connected through a screen and the training will be just as complete. The online format has the same advantages as a face-to-face class, with the teacher giving the classes live at the same times. In addition, they can do it from anywhere with internet using their mobile, tablet or computer, no matter where they are geographically.

This methodology also has pre-set schedules that will help employees develop a daily or weekly learning habit, depending on the training you choose. Employees don’t have to waste time going to and from the study centre, plus any waiting time before classes. They save their time and can spend it directly on their English language training at the click of a button.

In the online training all the material is digitised so that they can access it comfortably without having to print it all out, which is a nice way of not contributing to deforestation. In Classgap for Enterprise, communication through the classes themselves is complemented by communication through our “Virtual Classroom”, where teachers and students can keep in touch and update the materials needed in each class and share additional material to work with at home.

What are the advantages of online English language training? 

  • Time flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Wide range of courses
  • Tutor’s offer
  • Accessibility
  • Ecological contribution

On-site English language training for companies

In the wake of the pandemic, many face-to-face training centres have opted to offer various modalities within their training plans. It is only a matter of time before many of today’s training courses go digital. Online classes had already begun to take off, but in recent months, after the COVID-19 crisis, we have seen that they have begun to gain momentum and are here to stay.

Face-to-face English classes also have some advantages. Face-to-face classes help the exchange with the teacher to be more fluid. Being in the same space as other people makes relationships closer. Face-to-face education sometimes allows students to feel more accompanied. They do not face academic challenges alone and can face them with more confidence. There are academic disciplines in which online training is not the best way to learn. Fields that can only be applied face-to-face to better absorb the concepts, although with the advancement of new technologies, these barriers are beginning to disappear.

The best choice for online English language training

English language training is a key issue for companies, as the vast majority of them need their employees to be proficient in the language. Each company and each employee has very different training needs. The objective may be to improve their level or to adapt the language to their field of work in order to have a better command of the business.

There is one question that comes up time and time again: what is the best way to train your employees in English? At Classgap for Enterprise we have more than 10 years of experience in the training sector and a training audit service. Classgap for Enterprise’s pedagogical team uses different active listening methodologies to help you measure the impact of training in your company. In addition, they speed up the information extraction times and in a few weeks you can know in what, who and with what method to train your staff.

Business English training is the key to achieving your company’s objectives. Contact us today and start training your employees in business English now.