German for Business

German courses for companies are essential for any company seeking to internationalise its company and grow in its respective business area. With more than 185 million speakers in the world and being the third largest economy in the world, German has become absolutely essential in our daily lives.

German for business, investing in the future

German for business has always been a very important language for Spanish and European companies to master. This is due to the fact that Germany is an essential country on a commercial level and has many important industries in the majority of sectors (food, chemical, automotive, electronics, etc…). Nowadays, the need to learn German has increased due to the commercial development of other countries that also speak this language. If you want to do business with Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg or Liechtenstein, it is vital that you master this language.

Thanks to German for Business you will also be able to work on your company’s image and add that differential value with your competition so that, in this way, you can become the “top of mind” of international businesses.

Are you afraid of the fact that German is a very difficult language to learn? I’m sorry to tell you that this only means that you have been taught the language in a very old-fashioned way. At Classgap for Enterprise we have developed a dynamic and totally personalized learning methodology where we adapt to any level so that each and every employee learns this language to perfection.

Online courses – the best business education

I’ll let the evidence speak for itself, online training is an essential part of any person or company that seeks to grow in their sector and achieve their proposed objectives. In the times we are living in, this is the best option, the most effective, quickest and easiest to carry out.

Online training courses have many advantages:

  • You can study from anywhere: Geographical barriers disappear, so it doesn’t matter where you are, you will be able to train as you wish with the teacher that suits you best.
  • Saving time and money: Online courses are cheaper because you don’t need a physical space, and thanks to them, we also save all the money involved in travelling to a place (metro pass, petrol, hours spent…).
  • Modernization of education: Online training allows us to continually adapt to new language trends and update the syllabus so that it can be internalized as good as possible. Language practice is also a fundamental part of the training.
  • Satisfied workers: Thanks to all the facilities that these courses provide, workers will be able to learn the syllabus more comfortably and efficiently. 

One of the essential things for a good German course for business is the platform used. At Classgap for Enterprise we have our Virtual Classroom where students and teachers are connected live to be able to exchange knowledge and doubts and thus have a totally bidirectional education.

We also offer a free audit service where we analyse the needs of your company and your employees. In this way we can offer the best training with expert teachers in the area of German for companies.

Face-to-face courses – traditional methodology

We are all used to attending face-to-face training and we might even say that it is what we are most comfortable with. Still… is that really a good thing? Is that really a good thing? Although we all know first-hand about this experience, we can affirm that, despite having good points such as the connection with the teacher, this study methodology is most of the time not the best for teaching certain courses (and even less so for adults with stable jobs).

The face-to-face methodology is more expensive than the online one because it requires the rental of specific facilities. It also involves time spent travelling and scheduling time with both the teacher and your classmates, which is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s busy lifestyles. Finally, classes are only given once, so unless you take notes, the lesson is lost and not repeated.


We have already seen that online German courses for companies are the future for any company that wants to grow and gain new business opportunities. German is the language of the future… So, do you want your company to take advantage of these opportunities?

Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us today to start training your employees in German for business!