Soft Skills

Soft Skills are those skills that everyone is talking about. And no wonder, because thanks to them we can create a good working environment, communicate better and develop our job to the fullest. 

Are you still not sure what Soft Skills are? These soft skills are those that refer to the social competences that people have and that characterise their behaviour and success in the workplace.

In recent years, these have become very much in demand by companies because, if we know how to develop them to the maximum, they will guarantee us growth both in our work and in our business.

Many people think that, as they are social skills, they are innate and cannot be acquired… Well, these people are totally wrong. They can be worked on and developed without any problem and there are education professionals who are only dedicated to this.

First of all, we must be clear that there are different types of company training. Firstly, we have internal training, which is provided by the company’s own employees to other co-workers and is usually related to the execution of specific job tasks or the reinforcement of certain areas. On the other hand, we find external training, which is given by people outside the company (teachers or specialists in a specific field) and offers in-depth learning of a specific skill/subject/area. The latter is where Soft Skills training would come in.

Methodology of Soft Skills courses

Face-to-face training – comfort zone

We are all used to the classic classroom training where we go to class, they teach us the subject and, at most, we do a bit of practice. It is true that this has several advantages, such as the connection you create with the teacher or that, due to being in a different environment, you concentrate more, but, due to the times we are living in, this training is becoming less important.

Therefore, there are several disadvantages to this format: the difficulty of mobility and travel, possible restrictions, the extra cost of renting the location, the difficulty of scheduling, limited course options depending on where you live and, the most serious of all, lessons are taught once and not repeated

Some may think that, as we want to develop Soft Skills in the company, this is our only option… If it is about soft skills, how else can we learn them? Read on and we’ll let you in on the secret.

Online training – the future in the present

Online training is becoming more and more established as an essential tool to train our employees in an effective, convenient, easy and quick way. With the times we live in and seeing the trends that are being developed both at work and in the personal sphere, online training has been crowned as the No. 1 option for all those companies that want to train their employees.  

This gives you many advantages: 

  • Flexibility of timetables. 
  • You don’t need to travel and you can do it from the comfort of your home or office. 
  • Cheaper price. 
  • Personalisation of the courses and adaptation of the subject matter according to your needs. 
  • Direct and live connection with the teacher. 
  • As learning is more efficient, there is more time to focus on practice.
  • There are no geographical limitations, you have total freedom to choose the best course for you. 

It should be borne in mind that there are different modalities of online training. First of all, we could think of videos, tutorials or manuals, formats that are very useful, but fall short for learning. If you are looking to develop your employees’ skills to the maximum, you need tools such as those provided by Classgap for Enterprise. Here you will find fully customised online training which is based on the needs of your employees, so that, starting from any level and base, they can learn as much as possible. 

The key to success is to have a platform with a Virtual Classroom where the student and the teacher are connected at the same time, exchanging doubts and knowledge. In this space you can share documents, take notes, make diagrams on the virtual whiteboard, among many other tools.

On our platform, your employees can learn with the best experts to develop Soft Skills and apply them in their workplace to grow to the maximum in terms of business. Likewise, from Human Resources you will be able to control and observe the employee’s progress, how many classes they have attended, the evaluations they have done… Everything you need to check that the effort is paying off! So that teacher and student don’t have any problems, both can access a control centre where they can schedule classes and modify the timetable according to the availability of each one, it couldn’t be easier!

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