formación online o presencial de inglés para empresas

Employee training in English is of great benefit to both employees and the company. To get the most out of training, it must be tailored as much as possible to the needs of each employee. To this end, we find different training methodologies and different English courses which, depending on the needs, will be better adapted to one or another. 

First of all, we will differentiate between internal and external training in companies: we know internal training as the one carried out by the company’s own workers for the employees, usually training to reinforce product knowledge or new applications. 

On the other hand, we have external training, which is where the company hires a training professional to offer its employees in-depth specialised training. Within external training we find different types, in this post we explain them so that you can discover which is best for your company. 

Online or face-to-face training

We find the big dilemma, is it better to train employees online or in person? Each type of training has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Face-to-face training

This type of training within the business world is beginning to disappear, especially language training. Face-to-face training has great advantages, you are on the spot with the teacher which can help concentration, being physically present makes the classes seem closer and more personal. However, it has some disadvantages that have a great impact on the day-to-day life of your employees. 

Face-to-face classes must be held in a space or classroom, so companies must find a room either in the office or an external location, which is costly. In order to carry out the classes they must travel there, either inside or outside working hours, so we add travel costs both in time and money. 

Online training 

Within online training there are different types, from the most standardized such as mockups or video tutorials, to the most customized such as the one we work with in Classgap for Enterprise

If we want to have an online training that really gives good results and meets objectives, a standardized course may not be enough. In Classgap for Enterprise we use the Customized Online Training, in which through our Virtual Classroom platform classes are developed as if they were face-to-face. The class takes place over a video call in which student and teacher have the possibility of sharing screens and documents for the development of the explanation, in addition they have access to a virtual blackboard if necessary.  

The online English classes are the most comfortable thing that exists for both the Human Resources department and the employees, both have access to a control centre from which the employees can schedule the classes and modify schedules with the teachers they wish and the Human Resources department sees the training process and modifies what is necessary. 

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