Most companies are already aware of the benefits of training their employees, training them means greater participation in the company, increased employee motivation at work and both personal and professional growth. Moreover, we know that the purpose of continuous training is to meet the objectives set by the company, so it is very important to find a methodology that manages to meet the training expectations of companies.

Languages are the most demanded subjects by the companies to train their employees, in particular English due to its importance in the companies. Once the company chooses what to train its employees in, it must choose the method; it can be face-to-face or online.

A priori, we all think that face-to-face training is the most effective since we have grown up with it and it is what we are used to, but thanks to the digital era we are in, giving classes online equals and even surpasses face-to-face training.

If you are going to train your company’s employees in English, you will have to take into account the level of each one. You will have to create groups of the same level or take private classes depending on the needs of each one. This means having to balance schedules with both the teachers and the different employees and spending extra time in the office, which may not be pleasant and complicates family reconciliation.

If this training were online, besides contributing to family reconciliation since online training can be carried out anywhere, it would also save travel time, which makes employees perceive the training as a benefit and not an obligation.

There are different types of online training, but in Classgap for Enterprise we bet on a personalized online training, through our methodology of group classes or One to One classes, we adapt to the specific needs of your employees and meet the objectives of your company.

In spite of being an online training, it is 100% personalized, the proximity with the teacher is total and we follow up the students in real time, studying their evolution to adapt the learning process.

Thanks to this, online training becomes the best option for training your employees.

Do you have any doubts? Contact us and we will help you, we will also manage the training bonus for free.