French for companies

In business, mastering languages such as French for companies or English for companies are essential skills. Nowadays, companies require candidates to speak a language other than their mother tongue, but depending on the sector in which we find ourselves, an additional language is a plus or even essential for the development of the position.

The languages most in demand after English are French and German, our “neighboring” countries. We must not forget that they are two great European powers, and when a company decides to make the leap to the European level, it is necessary to count on them.

Although English is the language of global communication, we must give importance to the other languages. We take it for granted that when doing business with a foreign country we will be able to communicate in English, but… What if they spoke to us in our own language?

The great importance of knowing how to master French for companies

Conducting negotiations in the mother tongue favors the success of the business, you feel “at home” so you are much more comfortable and “protected”.

As you have seen, the success of a negotiation depends not only on the offer you have prepared, but also on the tools you use to sell it, and language is one of them. Therefore, if your team communicates with the foreign company in their mother tongue, you will create a familiar and pleasant atmosphere for that company, which will also make you stand out from the competition, since you are offering them personalized and close attention.

Seeing all the advantages that this language can bring to your business… Do you know how to improve your employees’ level of French for companies? Training your team in French is an investment in the health of your company. Working with France is the order of the day, it is a country that is logistically very easy to deal with, in addition to the cultural similarity.

There may be some doubts such as… My team hasn’t spoken French for a long time, or there may be some who have never studied French, so it may seem complicated to manage training for them that shares the same objective. However, thanks to the type of training we use to adapt the training processes to the real needs of the employees, it is possible to reach the same objective starting from two different points.

In addition, there are different learning methodologies such as One to One or group classes, so that all members of your team will feel at ease with their training and will be able to evolve correctly.

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