Personalized public speaking training for your team

Public speaking is the ability to speak fluently in front of an audience. Most people feel uncomfortable and have problems expressing themselves in front of an audience, which is completely normal.

When a company presents a project or holds an internal or external conference, the person speaking represents the image of the company. Thanks to public speaking training, your employees will learn the techniques to express themselves correctly and be at ease in a presentation.

Group Public Speaking Classes

Group Public Speaking Classes

Get your employees to learn how to speak in public through group public speaking classes and improve your company’s presentations 100%.

Private Public Speaking Classes

Private Public Speaking Classes

Prepare your managers’ important presentations individually to get the best exposure.


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The classes are taught in our own Virtual Classroom equipped with all the necessary tools for the class: document sharing, screen, virtual whiteboard... The classes are live via videoconference, so our teachers personalise the training according to the needs of the student and the company.

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Basic Training

Your employees will learn to communicate effectively.

Advanced Training

Improve your managers' communication skills.


Prepare with us the paper that needs a reinforcement.

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