organizar la formación de inglés en la empresa

January arrives and with it the Human Resources departments begin to organize team trainingdon’t panic! We know that balancing the schedules of employees and teachers can be mission impossible, so at Classgap for Enterprise we bring you the solution. We tell you the steps to follow to organise the best English training in your company

Definition of objectives 

This is the first and most important step. When companies decide to train their employees, it can be for two reasons: to offer training to their employees as a benefit in the field they want (a form of payment in kind), or to achieve some business objective. 

It is essential to take time in this step to understand what the training needs are and to translate them into objectives. If this is the first time that your company organizes a training or you are not very clear about how to approach it, in Classgap for Enterprise we offer a free audit service with the hiring of a training plan. 

What is the Audit for? 

Our professionals make a small analysis of your company. Based on your training needs, thanks to our experience we can see if the real training needs are different from what is demanded. In this way the training will be much more specialized to achieve the objectives. 

Organisation of training groups 

The company’s goal may be to improve the English language skills of employees, but the employees’ language needs may not be the same. For example, those employees working in marketing and communication may need to progressively improve their level in order to continue to communicate effectively, customer service employees may need to focus on speaking and listening for better service and sales staff may need to be trained in Business English to facilitate customer relations. 

Once the needs have been specified, the most appropriate methodology will be chosen: 

  • In Company Classes: Group training for those students who have the same needs and want to achieve the same training objective, with the teacher adapting the training to the group’s needs. 
  • One to One Classes: Individual classes for those employees who have a specific need and want to adapt 100% to their needs.  

Choose the teacher

The Human Resources department will be able to choose from our database of teachers the one it considers most suitable for its employees. At Classgap for Enterprise we suggest those we believe are best for your needs to facilitate the search. 

Training follow-up 

Once the training has started, the HR department will be able to follow it up in our Dashboard, the classes scheduled, those carried out… In addition to modifying the classes and teachers if necessary. 

Do you want to start training your employees? Contact us! our professionals are happy to answer your questions.