When it comes to choosing a job, it is clear that pay is one of the most decisive factors in accepting it or not.

There are different types of pay: fixed, variable and pay in kind.

Fixed remuneration is the minimum remuneration that companies guarantee to their employees, and is agreed between the employee and the company.
This type of remuneration is the one that usually provides workers with the most peace of mind, as it implies stability.

Variable pay depends on the fulfilment of certain objectives, so that it depends on the employee’s performance.

Finally, we come to remuneration in kind, which we are going to emphasise in this post. This remuneration differs from the others because it is not financial, but rather benefits the worker’s quality of life in the company. These are some of the most common:

  • Restaurant tickets: By using this product, you can redeem food at certain establishments.
  • Transport: The company pays for the transport costs incurred to get to the workplace.
  • Time flexibility: Benefiting family reconciliation.
  • Company car: For those employees who have to travel constantly to work, such as salespeople, the company provides a car.
  • Childcare cheques: Another way of promoting family reconciliation is through childcare cheques, where the company contributes to the expenses of the children before their schooling.
  • Health insurance: Thanks to health insurance, the company shows its concern for its employees and its way of keeping them safe.
  • Courses and training: Through employee training they are able to improve both professionally and personally.

Thanks to our experience, we have been able to see at first hand how the employees of those companies that decide to train themselves evolve. A greater feeling of belonging to the company is generated and the relationship between employees improves, especially in those groups with workers from different departments, as they get to know each other better.

As I mentioned earlier, it helps with both the personal and professional growth of the employee, being in constant renewal improves the productivity of the employees and their involvement with the company is greater.

Through training you will be able to improve the economic performance of your company, and you will also be able to enjoy the Fundae bonus which subsidises up to 100% of the training.

Discover the different types of training available to see which one best suits your needs and start remunerating your employees in kind thanks to the training.

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