We have already spoken many times about the importance of a digital presence for a company to grow and how it can be increased by training its employees on Google Ads. However, today I am going to talk about the importance of SEO positioning.
Before we start let’s do a little reminder…

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization, that is, the organic positioning of your company’s website.

What does it mean to be organic? That you have not paid for it.

To achieve a good SEO positioning we must have quality content on a website that arouses interest. This means that the content we have on our website really responds to the need for information of our target audience and orient it to the way the user is looking for it.

Achieving a good positioning is not a one-day thing, you must know your users, have a plan, generate quality content in your blog, Social Networks… as you can see it is not a job outside the company, but it comes from inside and essence, who better to do this job than those who really know the soul of the company?

Training your employees with an In-Company SEO course will improve your company’s online positioning and brand recognition.

How does SEO training work?

At Classgap for Enterprise we stand out for our customised training, that’s why we offer training both to introduce your employees to the world of SEO, and to advise your company.

Depending on the objectives of your company, the training can be group or One to One. In Company (group) courses are very useful to achieve an optimal and homogeneous level of learning in your team.

Advantages of SEO in Company training:

  • The best SEO teacher in the world is chosen to teach the classes according to the company’s objectives
  • Thanks to the online format it is much easier to adjust the students’ schedule according to their family needs. 
  • Real case study with the company’s data, while the workers learn, the SEO positioning of the company is improved through real tactics. 
  • Study of the competition and their strategies to be able to adapt ours to the demands of the market. 

What are the differences between a generic SEO course and a SEO in Company course? 

In the SEO course the objective of the training is to introduce the students to this world and its basic specifications. These courses are useful to save time, being able to start them whenever you want. However these are impersonal, this prevents employees from being able to resolve doubts or focus on those issues that require more attention. 

Adaptation of SEO in Company training: 

  • The aim is not only to teach the theory to the employees, but also to improve the company’s positioning, so the SEO teacher focuses on the real case of the company, making learning easier and more useful. 
  • Customization of the course, in the SEO in Company courses the training advances at the same time as the employees to ensure maximum understanding and implementation. 

By training your employees in SEO in Company, as well as helping them to grow professionally, you improve the positioning of your company. Investing in the training of your employees has its rewards, you can get a bonus for the new in-company training through FUNDAE.

If you want to know more about our training courses, please contact us!