flexible remuneration

Flexible remuneration is becoming an increasingly important part of an employee’s salary, as it brings many benefits for both the company and the worker. Among all the advantages is to increase the emotional salary, the future of companies, to have happy employees.

In order to apply these advantages in the best possible way, we first need to know what the different types of flexible remuneration for companies in 2021 are. Likewise, it is very important to know which of these can fit perfectly in our business based on the needs of our employees. Still don’t know which is the best flexible remuneration for your workers? In that case, don’t miss this article.

The best flexible remuneration:

Companies can offer many types of flexible remuneration for employees depending on what each one needs. Moreover, the best of all is that these are completely voluntary and each of them can choose which benefits to acquire and which not to acquire. That’s because a person with a family will not have the same shortcomings as someone very young or an employee just out of university education. Therein lies the magic of flexible pay, which is fully customisable.

It is up to the company to choose which ones are made available to the employee, which is why you need to know what are the best flexible rewards to go for. Undoubtedly your employees will be very grateful for these benefits, they will help to promote their emotional salary and will give a very good corporate image to your company. As you well know, the best prescribers of a company are its own workers, so we advise you not to miss the opportunity to offer them these services.

Restaurant, the most sought-after form of flexible remuneration

Who doesn’t like to eat in a restaurant? In addition, when we work an 8-hour working day, most of the time we have to eat out. This obliges us to bring ready-made meals from home or spend X amount of money per month that we won’t be able to get back.

Thanks to meal vouchers, employees can save a large part of the meal every day, so their net remuneration increases. Depending on the company, this flexible remuneration can take the form of subtracting the IRPF from each lunch or even having the company pay you for the entire meal (up to €11 per day). Now, with teleworking, this restaurant ticket has been transformed so that it can also be used on delivery platforms to bring the food to your home. After all, it is a way of taking care of the worker and showing them that, even from a distance, the company cares about their wellbeing. In addition, it is important to mention that this benefit has minimal administrative management, making it one of the easiest to offer and one of the most appreciated by employees.

Childcare, the peace of mind of having everything under control


This flexible remuneration is especially designed for employees with young children who do not have the resources to have their son or daughter looked after while they work. With this allowance, the childcare payment is completely exempt from income tax, which would translate into 3 months a year of these expenses completely free of charge. It is important to note that it is only valid for children between 0 and 3 years of age.

At a time like maternity or paternity, when our employees can be very burdened with extra expenses, this would undoubtedly offer them a very important economic respite.

Gymnasiums: take care of yourself inside and out


If this past year has taught us anything, it is that health always comes first. That’s why the gymnasium service has become an essential necessity for the majority of workers. With this benefit you will promote a healthy lifestyle and, above all, that the company cares about the happiness of its employees. This flexible remuneration allows you to have more than 2,000 gyms at your disposal where you can book classes from the comfort of your phone. In addition, the gym pass not only includes various entrances to these centres, but you can also book massages and get discounts for your friends and family.

Training, the best tool for your career

In all honesty, employee training is the best investment you can make in flexible remuneration. This is because, not only can employees save up to 25% of the entire course, but this new knowledge will directly help them with their career and their job.

In order to take advantage of this flexible remuneration you first have to choose the best corporate training school. At Classgap for Enterprise we have more than 10 years of experience in the education sector. Thanks to our experience, all our courses are 100% customised based on the objectives and needs of each employee. Likewise, we have developed the Virtual Classroom platform so that teacher and student have a direct communication channel, can share notes, videos and review projects. In short, everything necessary for the best possible business training.

training flexible remuneration

At the beginning, it can be difficult to focus the training of your employees. That’s why Classgap for Enterprise has a totally free audit service where our experts will advise you and accompany you throughout the training process.

Transport: the most useful flexible remuneration

Unless we are in a teleworking situation, almost all employees take public transport to get to work. Considering that this travel is absolutely essential and that it is companies that require face-to-face work to be done, this is the most logical financial support a business can offer its employees. So popular is it that not only do companies offer this transport ticket, but many schools and internships have it as part of the employee’s emotional wage.

This allowance saves the person who uses public transport (metro, bus, train, Renfe, etc…) up to €1,500 in income tax per year, which would translate into 3 full months of using this service.

As you have seen, there are many possibilities when it comes to offering flexible remuneration to your employees. If you are looking to promote emotional pay, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and start organising the best flexible remuneration: company training!