What does it mean to subsidize your company’s training with Fundae?

bonificacion de la formacion

The level of employee training in a company has always been closely related to competitiveness. And, despite the plethora of company courses available, many people still believe that all employee training should take place outside working hours.

But what if you could train your employees and the state would refund a large part of the cost? This is precisely what Fundae allows, offering subsidized training to Spanish companies with the aim of improving national competitiveness. And your company can also take advantage of this to provide any training, from language courses for employees to programming classes. We tell you about it!

What is subsidized training?

As you might expect, there is a cost to contracting courses for companies and getting your employees to complete them. This cost depends on the quality of the training, the number of employees taking the course and other factors. But hiring training services is an expense that has a very important difference with the others, and that is that it promotes the competitiveness of the company and of the people. Thanks to this, it is an expense that can be subsidized.

The subsidized training refers precisely to the fact that an entity (in this case Fundae) is in charge of subsidizing the courses, returning part of its cost once they have been successfully completed. Of course, it is essential that employees have successfully completed the training and carry out a series of procedures, a process that in Classgap for Enterprise we have carried out countless times. So, if you want to implement courses for your employees and subsidize training, we can help you.

Benefits of subsidizing training with Fundae

It is clear that implementing training for employees during working hours has benefits for the company, but the truth is that it is also an expense. After all, employees have fewer working hours, which they compensate by improving their ability to perform in the future. But what if this were not the only benefit of subsidized training?

The truth is that implementing group courses in your company is also a way to improve the work environment. Depending on the quality of the courses, they can be very interactive and foster relationships between employees. In the same way, training together with a superior is an ideal way to improve the working relationship between both, and we cannot forget that leadership style is a very relevant factor for talent retention in the company.

Therefore, implementing training for employees improves the competitiveness of the company and its working environment, will be subsidized by the state (between 50 and 100% of its cost) and will only require investing a few hours of work. Like any other TeamBuilding activity. Are you still thinking if your company needs subsidized training?

We help you train your employees

Although any company that implements employee training can apply for them, it is necessary to follow a bureaucratic process to claim the Fundae subsidies. In the same way, it is mandatory to follow a specific process to contract the most suitable training: it is necessary to know the needs of the company, to find a training that solves them, the most suitable teacher for them and, finally, to have the mechanisms to carry out a follow-up, an essential step to claim the bonuses.

Wouldn’t it be ideal if a single company could take care of all these procedures? This is precisely what we do at Classgap for Enterprise. We have an extensive base of teachers, each one specialized in different subjects useful for companies. All you need to do is contact us and tell us your needs. We will take care of finding the most suitable training, managing the follow-up of the classes and, finally, claiming the bonus for your company’s training.