Success stories of companies that have trained their employees

In Classgap for Enterprise we care about taking care of our customers, we want to know their experience and opinion to constantly improve.

That is why we have created ''Classgap Talks'', a space to share with you our clients' testimonials, so that you can get to know us a little better and see the Classgap for Enterprise method live.

But… first of all… How does Classgap for Enterprise work?

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    Classgap for Enterprise Audit

    In order to satisfy the training needs of our clients, we carry out an audit to detect the real training deficiencies of your company.

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    Once the subjects to be trained have been determined, the training is personalised for each client through group classes or One to One, choice of teachers, virtual classroom, syllabus...

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    Monitoring of training

    When the training starts we follow it up to make sure that everything works properly and that the customer is as satisfied as possible.

Do you want to know the opinion of some of the companies that have formed with us?

Success story Start Up sector

In the world of start ups, growth is fundamental, so you must have your team as well prepared as possible.
Language training in the Start Up’s is very widespread, it implies the possibility of being able to grow in markets in other countries and become international.

El caso de The Colvin & Co

The Colvin & Co is a company that sends bouquets to your home, what makes them different is that they always work with freshly cut seasonal flowers, they make their bouquets in their own ateliers and send them directly to your home. From the field to your home.
To encourage its expansion, Colvin is training its employees in English through One to One classes…
Why this methodology? Because each employee had different needs. For example, their CEO is training to reach native English level, while another employee is reinforcing his Business English.
I better leave you with Patricia to tell you directly about her experience with us! Click on the video.

Sobre RLE Iberia

RLE International Iberia is a multinational company that provides solutions in the engineering, business and consultancy fields.
They stand out for their extensive experience and market positioning, as well as for offering global solutions to their clients.

Case Study Engineering Sector

In international companies, employee training serves to keep the team as up-to-date as possible. They must communicate on a daily basis with their headquarters in other countries, so a good level of language skills is essential.

They rely on leadership training and coaching to keep their team strong and united, along with small-scale training to reinforce those skills their employees need.

To continue its success, RLE Iberia is training its employees individually in English at Classgap for Enterprise.
At the beginning we had a need to raise the level and in the end it stayed as a benefit” says Ana, from the HR department, also tells us how the online training solved the problems they had in balancing schedules between workers, travel times…. Don’t miss her interview!

Case Study Construction Sector

Companies in this sector tend to be big titans with multinational presence, as is the case in other sectors, internal communication must be fluid and correct. For this reason, languages are once again essential.
Like any other large sector, Soft Skills are very necessary to manage large teams well and for the working environment to be conducive to the continued growth of the business.

The Saint Gobain case

Saint Gobain is a holding company of companies dedicated to construction on an international basis. Its strong presence in this sector has allowed it to expand to other markets such as the automotive and industrial sectors. A leader in its markets, it works with products and solutions from major brands offering the best quality.
From Saint Gobain Placo and Isoler, they are training their sales department in languages with us. Veronica tells us how in such a large company there is always a need for languages. In addition to training those who have contact with other countries, they also train those who will be promoted and will need them in the future.
“Language training is long term, face-to-face training can be more complicated to fulfil, don’t miss her interview where she tells you about her experience.

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