The sudden arrival of teleworking due to the pandemic has had an impact on team relationships. Videoconferencing has maintained contact between team members, but has created an emotional disconnect between them. The concept of isolation at work has appeared in our lives and HR departments have to deal with these conflicts and adapt to the new HR trends.

The loss of physical contact with teammates can diminish the feeling of belonging to the company and the team spirit. What solutions exist to avoid these internal conflicts? Team Building activities are a good option to reinforce these bonds between the work team. Do you know the advantages of motivating your employees with these activities?

What are the advantages of motivating employees with Team Building activities? 

  • Employees get better and more creative ideas.
  • Improved decision making and conflict resolution
  • Better and higher quality results
  • Trust between team members is encouraged.
  • Increases commitment to the company
  • The strengths of each employee are shown on an individual level.
  • Employees will be more resilient to stress
  • Improve communication between members and different areas of the company.
  • Team spirit is stimulated

Team Building for employees

The activities proposed in team building strategies bring out the best in each employee, contributing their knowledge beyond their strictly professional role. Affective communication is worked on in an environment that can be uncertain. These experiences enrich employees and help them to discover skills in themselves and in their colleagues that they were unaware of.

Team building builds trust, strengthens bonds and strengthens relationships between colleagues. This directly benefits both the employee and the company, as it improves the working environment and employees feel more comfortable during their working day. Team leadership is also a key point that can be strengthened through these activities. A leader should guide the team to foster cooperation and a sense of belonging to the team and the company, which undoubtedly increases personal happiness and productivity.

These activities are also very useful in improving planning, dividing tasks and developing strategies to find winning solutions to each challenge faced by the department. Learning how to optimise time management and make decisions under pressure makes it easier for the team to achieve its goal.

Locating the weaknesses and strengths of the team and the different members is another of the benefits of this type of games. Creativity becomes a relevant point, as the activities encourage the search for new and creative solutions. The most important thing about team building is that all employees have fun. If the mood is improved, absenteeism is reduced and the company’s performance and results are improved.

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