One of the most in-demand skills in today’s job market is English language skills, so why not generate that talent from within your company by training your employees through customised business English courses?

The Internet has created a global and interconnected market in which all corporations can find business opportunities anywhere in the world.

Digital tools are available to everyone. The only barrier to successfully internationalising a business is language proficiency.

Thanks to English courses for companies, employees are trained to communicate fluently with their interlocutors, both through new technologies and in person.

What are in-company English courses like?

The English courses for companies are carried out in the form of online training. A specialised teacher connects with the employees through a virtual classroom in which live contact is established via videoconference.

This is the first decisive advantage of in-company English courses. Employees can combine their working hours with English classes, even if they are teleworking at home.

The best in-company English courses allow you to create a tailor-made academic calendar and modify it when workloads prevent your employees from attending classes.

The second key advantage of in-company English courses is the use of new technologies to accelerate learning. The teacher has resources such as a virtual whiteboard where he or she can clarify concepts in real time.

It also has the possibility of sharing its screen or all kinds of files and links of interest with workers.

In addition, it can simulate real-life scenarios so that workers can practice tasks such as writing emails or having conversations with their future interlocutors in English via chat, video call or face-to-face work meeting.

Why offer English language training to your employees?

The third key benefit that business English courses provide is in terms of increasing employee productivity.

By training your employees in business English, you are giving them the tools they need to become better professionals.

This has a positive impact on their motivation and their level of involvement in the company’s strategic objectives.

In the case of group business English classes, teams become closer and a better collaborative working environment is created.

The fourth key benefit of training your employees through business English courses is the opportunity to increase your company’s revenue and the quality of the service you offer.

With employees who are fluent in business English, you will find it much easier to sell your products and services to customers around the world, and you will be able to establish strong relationships with partners in international markets that best suit your company’s characteristics.

In addition, in-company English courses are the first step for your employees to be able to train with the online programmes of the best business schools in the world, which offer all their courses in English.

How to choose the best in-company English courses

The secret to choosing the best in-company English course lies in finding the training that guarantees you the maximum degree of customisation to suit the needs of your employees.

This is the fifth decisive advantage that in-company English courses provide you with and that you can implement in your company in a very simple way through the following steps:

  • Detect the needs of your employees: Discover the real level of English of each employee to design a training itinerary tailored to their needs. You can use Classgap for Enterprise’s Business English test to speed up the process.
  • Once you are clear about your objectives, it’s time to draw up a plan that will give you the best results in the shortest possible time. Classgap for Enterprise offers you all the advice you need to get the most out of your business English courses.
  • Access to tax benefits: Training your employees in English for companies can provide you with tax benefits through deductions in your social security contributions. Classgap for Enterprise takes care of the bonus management for you.
  • Monitor the progress of your employees in real time: Big Data provides you with relevant information for decision-making in any area of the company. In Classgap for Enterprise’s English courses for companies you have a customisable tracking panel from which you can plan the class schedule, monitor the progress of each employee and even measure the ROI of the training.

Start training your employees today with Classgap For Enterprise’s 100% customised in-company English courses. Contact us now and we will design a tailor-made training course for you.