What is the bonus training?

Discounted training is a credit granted to companies to invest in the professional training of their employees, managed by FUNDAE (State Foundation for Training in Employment), through which employees can grow both personally and professionally. 

Companies and employees pay a monthly amount to the Social Security for training, this amount can be recovered later to invest in courses for employees. 

In this way, companies have the possibility of training their employees without the need to pay more. 

Characteristics of subsidised training

This training is intended for the employees of a company, not for the self-employed or the unemployed. The company itself is responsible for deciding and managing the courses and assumes a percentage of the financing. 

Not all the courses are eligible for subsidies, only those that are attended and online (not distance learning). This year a reform has been implemented in the so-called “new attendance-based training”.

Benefits of subsidised training

  • Keep your employees “renewed”. 

It has been proven that employees who keep their brains in a state of renewal and learning, improve their productivity and motivation. Thanks to the training of your employees they will acquire new skills and knowledge that will improve their performance in the workplace.

  • Improve the qualification of your employees. 

A better prepared worker means a better positioning than the competition. By training your employees, you not only manage to improve their performance at work, but also to build a team that is prepared for possible changes in the market and stronger in the face of competition

  • Increase staff commitment to the company.

The training of your employees increases the feeling of loyalty to the company. Currently, employees give special importance to the esteem that the company has for them, if it values them, it makes it easier for them to carry out their work… Offering training to employees is a way of showing them that the company is committed to them and their professional and personal development, in this way employees feel more united and loyal to the company.

  • It increases employees’ motivation, satisfaction and integration.

In addition to the obvious benefit of training your employees: the knowledge they acquire and how to apply it to your company, employees become more integrated and create bonds with the team. By carrying out joint training, whether from the same department or from different ones, the cohesion between them increases and therefore the motivation to work, becoming more productive employees.

  • On what subjects can the bonus training be applied? 

Any subject in which the company wishes to train its employees. Most companies focus their employee training on languages as they are essential for the international development of a business, but there are other disciplines that are just as useful. Training your employees in digital marketing is a way of strengthening the company’s communication area, internalising it both to save costs and to correctly transmit the company’s mission and vision. 

Another growing discipline is programming, which is increasingly touching on each of the company’s departments, which is why employees should have basic knowledge. 

On the other hand, we find Soft Skills, which are increasingly in demand in order to carry out correct leadership in companies and ensure that all workers are aligned with their mission. 

  • Can training companies manage the bonus? 

The process of managing training bonuses is normally carried out by the companies themselves, however there is the possibility that the company offering the training itself manages it. At Classgap for Enterprise we do not only audit your company to find out the real training needs, but we also manage your company’s bonus to make the process easier for you. 

Do you have any doubts about how to plan and subsidise the training of your employees?

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