French for business

By now it is clear to all of us how important German courses for companies are for our employees. Even so, fortunately or unfortunately, we have many training options that offer us different courses to learn German (the language of the future)… So how do we know which one is best for my company?

Don’t worry, we know it can be overwhelming to make this decision, so here at Classgap for Enterprise we present you with the most important items to consider.

What should I look for in a German course for companies?

First of all, in order to find the ideal German course for companies you have to identify the needs of your company. This step is vital because without the needs you will not be able to determine objectives or get that push to internationalize your business that is so necessary to get new commercial opportunities.

If you are not sure how to detect the needs of your company in Classgap for Enterprise we have a totally free audit service. Our professionals will study the case of your company and will advise you on the training gaps and what skills and knowledge you should reinforce.

Native and certified teachers

Education professionals who have German as their first language are best placed to teach you both the theory and the more natural-sounding grammatical constructions. These teachers will always be aware of new language developments and trends in business communication. It is also very important that they are properly accredited to ensure the quality of their education.

Tools for training

A good professional has to have developed resources, specific exercises and a platform adapted to teaching. One of the best tools is to have a Virtual Classroom, which has been developed by Classgap for Enterprise, where you have a digital whiteboard and can have a totally bidirectional and live communication between the teacher and the student.

Group or One-to-one classes

Depending on the needs of your company, it may be better to opt for one methodology or another. If, for example, you want to train your customer service department to start entering the German market, it is better to opt for group classes. In this way, all your employees will gain this knowledge at the same time and they will be able to help each other.

On the other hand, one-to-one training is more appropriate in cases where company managers need to communicate with very specific clients or have to give speeches and need to perfect their German in order to make sure they do not make any mistakes and make a good impression. 

Online or face-to-face training?

Due to the times we are living in, the best and most effective option is to choose an online German course for companies. Thanks to this, your employees will be able to do it from the comfort of their homes, they will have all the facilities of a face-to-face training, but online, and your company will save both time and money.

Can a German language course for companies be subsidised?

All language courses given by an official training center and related to the company’s business can be subsidized. If you are not sure how much training credit your company is entitled to, there are tools such as the “bonus calculator” which, in less than 24 hours and completely free of charge, will calculate the total bonus credit your company is entitled to.

German courses for companies: essential knowledge

Once we have determined the characteristics to take into account in order to choose the best German language course for companies that is 100% adapted to your organization, we have to analyze if this course will correctly instruct your employees in what they need to know. Taking this into account is the only way to see if this course is useful and will help your employees acquire this knowledge in the quickest, easiest and most effective way

  • Gaining fluency: It is often not enough just to know the theory, you need to be able to communicate fluently and confidently in German regardless of your level.
  • Business etiquette: A good German course for companies will not only focus on the language, but will also teach you the best way to close a deal with this market and the steps to take into account to achieve a win-win situation with your new client.
  • Knowledge of the culture: It is vital to take into account the context in which the language has been formed and to know the country well. 
  • Business vocabulary: A German course for companies will focus the lessons on all the vocabulary you need to do business and close business deals.
  • Applying knowledge: It is useless to be the best in German if we do not know how to apply it to our job, that is why it is vital to choose a specialized course in German for companies and not a generic one that only works on the language.

If you haven’t chosen the best German language course for your employees, then what are you waiting for, contact us today and start growing your business in the international market!