Did you ever wonder which corporate training your company’s managers need? When it comes to training for companies, managers are fundamental pieces of the whole puzzle. They need to be constantly updating and upgrading their skills to make sure their teams perform at their best.

But there’s an essential fact to keep in mind. While most companies still value hard skills such as experience and technical abilities in the field they’re working at, the most crucial skills managers need to develop are soft skills. The sooner you get this, the faster your company will grow.

Yes, knowing how to do the stuff their employees are going to perform is important, too. But the manager’s position is strategic, not tactic. So it is key for them to possess a set of skills that will guarantee they manage their teams effectively.

There’s good news. These skills can be acquired by corporate training. In this article, we’ll talk about the corporate training your company managers need, and the different corporate learning programmes to enroll your company leaders.

The biggest mistake companies make

The fact that someone’s an engineer, doesn’t mean that they’re going to be a good math or physics teacher. A good and honest person would not necessarily be a good President for a country. With employees, it’s the same. Someone that’s really good at their job won’t necessarily be a good manager.

Well, apparently most company HR teams don’t understand this. You just need to take a look into almost any management team in a company to quickly understand that most of them are not qualified for the positions they hold.

The biggest mistake companies make relies on thinking that because someone’s extremely good at what they do, they need to be rewarded with a promotion.

Promotions are good, but they have to be accompanied by serious corporate training. Traning for company leaders is the path HR teams need to follow to make sure the company stays competitive, grows, and above all that, to ensure employees are happy and harnessing their potential.

Training for companies: What managers need

The main responsibilities managers have are not related to performing technical tasks. At least, most of their jobs will involve strategic actions. That’s why it’s crucial your company leaders receive the right corporate training. Here’s a list of managers’ main responsibilities.

  • Team management and teamwork: Managers are a key piece in their teams. A recent report showed that 82% of employees would quit their job because of a bad manager. Knowing how to delegate will be an essential skill, too. Implementing corporate training programmes related to teamwork and relationships will be crucial for the results of their teams.
  • Public relations: A good manager needs to know how to network and build relationships both inside and outside their teams. This could involve speaking other languages.
  • Communication: Managers have to be able to communicate in a clear way. All of the tasks they’re involved in require good communication, such as knowing how to clearly state expectations with their employees, presenting performance metrics or projects to the board, sending and responding to emails to move projects forward, and other related stuff.

So, based on their main responsibilities, which training for companies should your managers get?

Corporate learning programmes for managers

If you want to invest in your company, invest in your leaders. The corporate learning programmes your company leaders should enroll in are going to depend on the stage of management they are in.

It’s not the same to be a new manager, as having been a leader for years. In fact, research shows that many first-time managers don’t feel qualified for their roles.

Then, there are Senior managers with lots of experience, who will still need constant updates, especially in their tech skills. Here are x different corporate learning programmes your company leaders should enroll in.

Leadership training for companies: Implementing leadership corporate training programmes will increase the entire company team’s potential and effectiveness.

Language courses: Mastering other languages is usually essential in order for your managers to be able to communicate and network with different stakeholders inside and outside the company.

Soft skills corporate learning: Being a good boss and knowing how to coach their employees, being a good public speaker, and being able to make assertive decisions are the main skills a manager needs to master.

Project Management corporate training: Company managers need to be effective at moving projects forward. No one is born knowing how to correctly work on projects at a strategic level. That’s why project management training for companies is a good corporate learning programme to consider.

How to implement corporate training programmes for managers

Now that you understand what corporate training your company managers need, you have to find the right corporate learning methodology.

Performing an audit and getting feedback during and after the training are essential steps in the process. Other essential characteristics:

  • Flexible and customized training for companies to fit managers’ full agenda.
  • One-on-one individual classes to tackle individual corporate training needs.
  • Group classes for general corporate learning programmes
  • Virtual classrooms so they can go at their own pace and access all the information in one place.

If you implement the right corporate training programme for your managers, you’ll see your employees improve, and your company grow.