The skills that are demanded of employees depend on the sector in which we find ourselves, in this case, those that are demanded in the financial sector are above all the well-known soft skills.

Today, the professional profile of the banking employee must have: communication skills for customer service, must communicate clearly and accurately both orally and in writing, initiative, motivation and adaptability, must be able to work in a team and manage change.

These skills may be innate to some extent, i.e. an individual may have an ability to communicate or work in a team naturally, but this skill set can be trained.

These so-called soft skills are based on the way individuals relate to each other; they can also be known as social or interpersonal skills.

This is why they are essential for employees in the financial sector, especially for the public, since they must be close to the customer and convey confidence. To do this, training your employees in assertiveness is essential.

What is assertiveness? It is a concept linked to emotional intelligence, it refers to communication with others. Being assertive means communicating effectively, saying what we want to convey freely, respectfully and empathetically with others and with ourselves. It is the capacity to get angry “well”, maintaining coherence and respect.
It also involves the ability to react to conflicts or discussions and to know how to communicate correctly in these situations.

Assertiveness is a fundamental skill in a leader, the relationship that the leader has with his employees will determine how they will behave within the company. A fluid communication between the leader and his team is fundamental for the efficiency of the workers.

Knowing how to work as a team is a skill demanded in all sectors, executive coaching sessions encourage communication between the team and help in the adaptation to change.

For some profiles, knowledge of programming and app management languages is demanded, even though it is not the employee’s specialty, he/she can receive continuous training in these languages to be able to perform more easily in the workplace.

Would you like us to advise you on an assertiveness training plan for your company? 

Ongoing employee training is a way of empowering talent within your company and helping them to grow. It supports your employees and builds their loyalty to your company.

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