¿What is the employer branding?

This is how employees perceive their company as a brand. It arrived to Spain in the 1980s but only settled in the big companies. In today’s age of digitization, however, it is vitally important especially when it comes to attracting talent, information from all companies is available at one click, so it is important to be an attractive company not only for its customers, but also for its employees.

To do this, your company has to differentiate itself from the rest so that talent chooses you instead of the others, and although it’s clear that a discriminatory factor is salary, what else can you offer? Continuous training, professional growth and development opportunities for your employees.

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace”
– Doug Conant, CEO of Campell’s Soup

Nowadays, caring for employees is as important as caring for customers, just as when you need advice about a product and you read the reviews, the same when you choose a company where you want to work and you hear the opinions of its employees.

If the employer branding was so easy to develop, all companies would have it, and to do so it is necessary to involve the whole company, from the top executive to the interns, since they are the ones who are in direct contact with the public.

What better ambassador to your company than your own employees? By investing in online training for your empoyees, you collaborate in both your professional and personal development. The importance of the intangible benefits that a company provides cannot be measured, which makes them something completely differentiating from competition.