This 2020 is a year of challenges for companies and adapting to change is something that not all companies are capable of facing correctly.

Working telematically has been a great structural change for companies, especially for the human resources department, but once they have adapted to this challenge, it is time for the next one: a return to normality.

Now it’s time to face an almost greater challenge, to return to work gradually and in an organized way. Each company has created its own protocol for returning to the office, creating teams, going there a few days a week and teleworking the rest… In addition to the constant disinfection measures that must be taken.

This challenge appeals to the responsibility of companies and employees, to do things right and to be aware that each individual act is fundamental for joint growth.

The changes we are going to face are not only physical in the office, but will also affect the way we relate to each other.

Almost all companies have been affected economically by this virus, so they have had to redo their strategy according to the situation. That is why today the role of the leader is fundamental, the decision making is going to be essential to continue with the economic growth of the company, it is necessary to adopt a style of proactive and not reactive leadership, that is to say to anticipate the situation providing solutions before the problem arrives and not to react when it has already arrived.

“Innovation is what distinguishes the leader from the followers.”

We must also emphasize the way we deal with employees, we have all experienced a difficult situation in recent months, so now we act in a more supportive and empathetic, we have a greater commitment to the company as it has bet on its employees so we have a greater responsibility, but above all, we act moved by humanism, which strengthens the teams now working more closely than before.

As we have explained in the post from transactional leader to transformational leader, there are leadership skills that are innate, but most are trainable, no one is born an authentic leader. That is why this is the best time to train your company’s leaders in leadership, to discover how to face this new situation and learn to react proactively to unexpected changes.

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