The training bonus is a benefit offered by the State Foundation for Training in Employment (FUNDAE) ,through which you can obtain a bonus of up to 100% in the training of your employees.

Previously, this bonus was applied in a different way according to the training modality, differentiating between online and classroom training. This situation has changed due to the global pandemic situation in which we find ourselves. The Covid-19 has meant that all companies have had to adapt to an extraordinary situation, in which they have had to take measures in almost all aspects of their business in order to continue with economic activity in the most normal way possible.

Employee training has also been affected, specifically those that were carried out in a face-to-face manner. Those companies that trained their employees remotely or online were able to continue their training without problems.

In view of this situation, FUNDAE has taken action and has also adapted to the situation we are experiencing, since face-to-face training cannot be carried out, and has transformed the concept of face-to-face training; during 2020, online training that fulfils the following conditions will be considered as face-to-face training:

  1. A learning environment where the trainer and the student interact, in a concurrent manner and in real time.

    Thanks to our virtual classroom, the contact between teacher and student is constant, the classes are given by videoconference where the teacher explains the lesson to the student as if it were a face-to-face class.

  2.  Synchronized connectivity and two-way communication between trainers and students.

    The classes are not exclusively taught by the teacher, it is a dialogue between both to ensure that the knowledge transmitted is understood and internalized.

  3. Registration with identification of the training, participants, and their dates and connection times.

    The training sessions must be recorded in order to apply the bonus, the students must be identified by their names and surnames to prove that they receive the training.

  4. Access for the control bodies during the training.

    This is done in order to be able to check the execution of the training activity and to demonstrate that the legal requirements are fulfilled. The technical system must be enabled to generate activity records available to the control bodies in order to check the detailed connection times of each participant and allow their identification.

There are different platforms to be able to carry out this new methodology of classroom training, however, not all of them are prepared to offer a comprehensive solution that is as close as possible to classroom training.

Thanks to our previous experience, the Classgap for Enterprise classroom is prepared to offer this comprehensive service; through the proximity of the teacher by videoconference, sharing documents and teaching material, the possibility of sharing screen and virtual blackboard for better explanations… In addition to a personalized adaptation to the training needs of your employees.

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