The demands of the labour market are constantly changing and becoming more demanding. The skills that made a candidate or employee stand out a few years ago, are now considered mandatory.

Employees must be constantly renewed so as not to become outdated and be at the forefront of the latest market requirements.

By training your team, you will get the most competitive professionals in the sector, as they will gather both experience and knowledge.

In order to know in what to train your employees, it is essential to make a brief market analysis to find out what the market trends and training demands are. In the midst of digital age, it is to be expected that the skills companies are looking for in their candidates are fully digital. 

Adding to the current confined situation, the growth plan of the companies has been completely disrupted and has had to adapt telework situation in a short period of time. Despite the fact that at the begining we thought that it was going to be a temporary solution, we are increasingly aware that it is going to take a long time before we resume “normal life”, so companies have to provide more solid and stable methodologies to continue with the development of their economic activity.

The fields of knowledge most in demand are:


This area is based on the search, management and storage of information using the technological means of each company.

It is indisputable that the role of this department within the company is becoming increasingly relevant, with (basic) IT knowledge being highly valued in other departments of the company.
By training your staff in programming, you will contribute both to the personal development of your employees and the growth of your company by having a prepared team.

Among the most requested profiles, the programmer is still the number one, followed by the analyst programmer. 
The most requested skills within this profile are the languages of Java, JavaScript y .NET


Big Data is a term that describes the large volume of data, both structured and unstructured. It is not the ammount of data that matters, but what is done with it, the manipulation and treatment of this data can serve to obtain ideas that can become business strategy. 

One of the applications of the Big Data is in the Marketing department; it serves to elaborate strategies in a personalized way since in the database the user’s personality, preferences and hobbies are captured. It also helps the segmentation of customers by seeing how they behave on an almost daily basis, so we can adapt our strategy to their behavior, this makes us have sales opportunities and make better decisions in real time.

Analyzing behavior patterns does not apply only to users,we can analyze market trends and see how our company fits into them at both the perception and sales levels.

The most demanded profiles in this sector are Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Manager… 


Nowadays, the role of Digital Marketing is essential for the development of any business. 

If a company does not have a digital presence, today it is if it did not exist, so companies invest in marketing to improve both their online presence and their brand awareness, so that the message that the company wants to convey is the same as that perceived by the user through a screen. For this digital strategy, SEO positioning is essential, so it is one of the most demanded skills.

Dentro del marketing digital los puestos más demandados son los de Social Media Strategist, Community Manager, eCommerce Manager, Traffic Manager…

Como has podido observar, el papel del sector digital tiene un gran protagonismo, que además se verá intensificado en el futuro debido al COVID-19, apostar por la formación de tus empleados es una forma de asegurar el mantenimiento o crecimiento de la actividad económica en tu empresa, además de ser la forma más rentable de tener a los mejores profesionales del ámbito sin recurrir a nuevas contrataciones.

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