formacion como retribucion flexible

Surely in your company you are already working on training your employees (and if not, it’s about time!) but… do employees perceive it as an obligation or as a benefit? If they see it as an obligation, something is being misguided… Let me talk to you about the importance of in-kind compensation in companies in 2021.

First of all,

What is remuneration in kind?

It is a form of non-financial remuneration for employees that provides an advantage or benefit to them.

As well as a benefit for the company.. It can be anything from flexible working hours, to restaurant tickets or the one we are going to focus on in this post: training. 

Online training for employees is one of the most advantageous flexible rewards for both employees and the company. Employees can receive training for two reasons: the company wants to reinforce a particular aspect or as a personal benefit for them. For example: I need my sales team to improve their Business English as this year we are expecting several negotiations abroad and we want to stand out from the competition, in this case we use the training to fill a gap.

On the other hand, I want to reward my employees who have completed 20 years in the company for their loyalty and hard work, but given the economic circumstances of this year I cannot raise their salary, so I offer them training in whatever they want; yoga, languages, design, programming… to reward them for their good work. In both cases the employee will grow personally and will feel both protected and valued by the company.

What are the benefits of training as flexible remuneration

The benefits for the company are more than obvious. Reinforcing your employees’ knowledge for a current or future task will immediately improve their productivity. Moreover, by investing in your employees, they will feel more valued, so their motivation and loyalty to the company will increase.

As you will have seen, the benefits for the company are just as advantageous as they are for the employee. By training your team you will obtain highly qualified and competent professionals in the market, easily standing out from your competition.

Moreover, did you know that training your employees can be free of charge? All companies have a training credit available, managed by FUNDAE, where you can subsidise the training of your employees up to 100%. At Classgap for Enterprise we manage the training credit process, so that organising your company’s training plan is easier.

Do you know what you want to train your employees in? Contact us and start training your team in less than a week.