We have already talked about the benefits of subsidised training for your company and more and more companies are betting on training their employees. However, not everyone is aware that this training can be subsidised.

One of the complications that companies encounter is the calculation of the credit, in this post we will teach you both how to calculate it and the procedure to follow.

How do I calculate the credit my company has for subsidised training?

This calculation will depend on several factors; the first is that the company must be private and located in Spain. The calculation of the credit will depend on the number of workers the company has and the social security contributions, which will determine the amount of the bonus.

There is a fixed subsidy credit determined annually by the administration which is currently 420 euros. In order to calculate the amount to be subsidised, two conditions must be taken into account, the maximum subsidisable cost and private co-financing.

What is the maximum subsidisable cost?

It is the maximum to be subsidised, which will depend on the number of employees your company has. The lower the number of employees, the higher the bonus percentage.

What is private co-financing?

It is the collaboration that companies must make using their own resources to finance the training of their employees. As with the maximum subsidisable cost, it varies according to the number of employees, the fewer workers the company has, the lower the degree of co-financing required.

This can be covered by the costs involved in providing the training within the worker’s working day, without the need for any additional financial outlay.

At the end of the training, a check is made to ensure that it has been completed. If the company does not comply with the requirements for private co-financing, it may lose its bonus credit.

Is there a limit to the costs of training?

Yes, all training actions have a limit depending on the training modality and the level of training you wish to carry out.
There are two training modalities: New classroom training and e-learning. In May 2020, FUNDAE adapted the classroom training to the pandemic situation, transforming the classroom training to the online plan as long as some requirements are met.

Who is in charge of the training?

Bonficada Training has the great advantage that it allows organizations to contract for the management and delivery of this training. In Classgap for Enterprise we are specialists in training and an organising entity before the FUNDAE (State Foundation for the Training of Employees), so we carry out the functions of coordination, management and execution of the training of the companies.

Communication of training events

Training events must be communicated at the beginning, during and at the end of the course.

Communication of the start of the training must be made at least 2 days before the start. FUNDAE will be informed of the dates on which the training will be given, as well as the name, content, method and participants.
Employees must take the training within the chosen dates, where the classes will be given and they will have access to the course documents and additional documents as well as constant communication with the tutor.
At the end of the training and once it has been verified that all the students have passed the training, a series of information must be provided, including the list of participants and the costs of the course.

When choosing a training company for your employees, it is important to know beforehand that you will be provided with this information. At Classgap for Enterprise we will provide you with all the necessary documents to follow up the training. 

Classgap for Enterprise bonus management

Thanks to our customised training and Virtual Classroom, we offer a comprehensive service for both training and management.

You can find all the detailed steps to improve your company’s training in our eBook “New Training by Fundae”.

A very important aspect to take into account is the measurement of the results of the training. Many companies overlook this phase but it is important to know the real results of the training to find out if it has achieved the desired objective. 
At Classgap for Enterprise we provide your company with a Dashboard equipped to measure the ROI of this training while it is being carried out.

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