formacion en bim para empleados

What is BIM?

The Building Information Modeling work methodology is an essential working tool in the construction sector. For some years now, all construction companies have considered it fundamental and have trained their employees in it. 

This training can be found above all in the private building sector, behind which we found foreign investment funds. Profitability was above all, so the best way to optimise a project was under this methodology. 

The digital gap in this sector has existed for years, so the companies that bet on these training courses played with an advantage in the face of market changes. 

After this we must bear two things in mind, the role played by other countries is fundamental for the development of economic activity in this sector, and every company must be up to date. 

Companies must encourage the improvement of their workers’ skills. In this case, the ideal would be to train workers at BIM to adapt to the demands of market and English knowledge to help the company in these international relations and make them more fluent. 

Why train your employees in BIM and English together? 

Currently public projects are carried out in BIM, if the presentation is not made with this methodology directly can not be presented, hence its importance. This is not only the case at a national level, as it allows the project to be shared instantly as if it were a cloud, it has great international weight. By training your employees in BIM, your company will be able to carry out projects at an international level, this is where the role of training them also in English comes in; if your company can reach the international level, everyone can, so communication with potential clients must be as fluid as possible to differentiate you from the competition. In short, training your employees in English and BIM will allow your company to carry out projects at an international level. 

How do you train your employees in BIM and English?

There are different methodologies for training employees, which are applied according to their previous knowledge of the subject and the specific needs of each one to ensure learning that is adapted to the company’s objectives. For example, if some of your employees already know about BIM and you want them to receive a “refresher” or to broaden their knowledge in a particular aspect and other employees who barely know the tool, two different group trainings will be carried out, in which the teachers will design the content according to their knowledge.
With regard to training in English, some of your employees may need to raise their level while the need of others is business English… for this purpose, both private and group classes will be given, in the One to One classes the teacher focuses 100% on the student, seeing their progress and reporting on it day by day, while in the group classes synergies are created between the participants, making the classes more dynamic. 

How do we personalize the training? 

Before designing the training courses, our professionals carry out an audit to find out the starting level and thus be able to align the training as much as possible with the company’s objectives. 

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