formacion en inglés como retención de talento

For companies, it is just as important to attract new talent as it is to retain existing talent. Many times companies focus too much on attracting talent and forget about the existing one. 

Those employees who already know the company’s mission and are working to meet its goals should know its importance in the company. To this end, training in English is a great ally. Offering your employees the possibility of improving their English is a way of thanking them for their efforts and showing that the company is committed to them.

 There are many subjects in which employees can be trained, but training in English is usually the most useful for both the worker and the company. 

For those companies that have a presence in several countries, languages are fundamental. By training your employees in English you will have a more competent and satisfied team

Advantages of employee training to retain talent 

  • Participation of the company in the professional development of its employees
  • Concern for the welfare of workers 
  • Option for business promotion 
  • Offer training to employees to differentiate themselves from the competition
  • Personalisation of courses to the needs of the employee
  • Online training wherever you want.

How can I train my employees in English? 

Personalised online training offers both the advantages of face-to-face and online training, with classes given by video call in your own virtual classroom where teachers can share documents, screens and even a virtual blackboard to clear up any doubts. Classes can be held whenever and wherever your employees want, whether in a cafeteria, the lounge, the office… They just need an internet connection and that’s it! 

What training methodologies in English are there? 

At Classgap for Enterprise we have both One to One and group classes. Depending on the objectives determined by the company, one or the other will be more beneficial. If your company wants to raise the English level of the customer service team, they can take group classes to receive the same training and solve doubts together. On the other hand, if a manager wants to reinforce his Business English he will receive private classes to cover his specific needs. 

Do you want to know more about English training for employees? 

Contact our professionals so that they can advise you.