Many of you will be surprised to see that this post tries to train employees in Spanish, which could be a misprint, but no, we are indeed going to talk about the importance of training your employees in Spanish.

First of all we are going to start from the beginning… Why do we need to train our own employees in their language?

At present, when a company is looking for staff, the CV is not enough. Before, it was the most effective way of filtering, but now it is not the only thing taken into account. The personal interview is an equally important filter as the CV. Knowing the candidate’s personality is fundamental to see if he or she fits in with the team, and if they don’t, it’s a good reason to reject them.
That’s why finding the perfect candidate for a given position is complicated, which is why recruitment is not limited to the national level. Globalisation and the ease with which companies can internationalise today makes it easier to work with people from other countries. Now, finding a profile that fits the job perfectly is possible.

Once you have found the ideal profile, what can my company do to retain them? Why should them choose my company and not another? Financial compensation is no longer as important as it once was. Now, compensation in kind is also taken into account, specifically those that take care of the employee’s well-being within the company, those benefits that make the employee feel loved by the company.
In the case of a worker from another country, training in Spanish is a very beneficial way of paying him/her. Adapting to a new country can be difficult, so your worker should be as comfortable as possible in the process.

Offering him/her training or improving his/her level in Spanish will make him/her value the company positively, will allow him/her to make better presentations and gain confidence both when presenting and in relating to others. This will allow him/her to improve relationships both with colleagues and in his/her personal life, increasing his/her well-being.

Find out what methodology we use at Classgap for Enterprise and how we customize the training to suit your company’s needs.

How to achieve this 100% adaptation? In Classgap For Enterprise we work with an immersive methodology adapted to each person and also online. This format allows you to review the contents with a private teacher or with flexibility of students per class, being able to combine individual tutoring with group interaction.

Most of the time these classes are not strictly for advancing your level, that is to say, it is not an intensive study of vocabulary, grammar… but its objective is to improve your oral comprehension and to express yourself clearly in order to improve your work and personal relationships, that is to say, to speed up communication and terminology. These Spanish classes focus on a more everyday and not so academic language, learning for example cultural expressions typical of the area.

The classes are dynamic and entertaining, the objective is to be a moment of disconnection for the workers where they can have a good time, and not a burden. The materials used in the classes are their own and the students decide when and where.

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