Business training plans.

From Classgap for Enterprise, we also offer tailor-made training plans for businesses that require it. To develop them, we conduct surveys with employees to determine the level and learning needs of each employee.

The pedagogical team meets with the managers of each department and with the Human Resources team and defines the most appropriate training for employees.

Work groups

Ad-hoc working groups are established with specific teachers from each subject, divided into working groups or individual classes, and a quarterly and an annual curriculum of teaching hours is being prepared.

Professional Development

Business training schemes help to boost employees' professional skills and competences.

Talent Retainer

Continuous training for employees has now become a key part of retention and attracting talent.

Why to choose the Classgap for Enterprise methodology?

Understand the real training needs within the company
Offers tailor-made training to cover those key positions with the current team
Increase team motivation with training actions
Increase the recruitment and retention of human talent, as encouraging the professional development of employees makes them loyal to the company
We adapt, the greatest time flexibility and place at the lowest cost.
Global management from a unique programme

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