flexible remuneration

In recent years we have heard a lot about flexible remuneration and all the advantages it has for both the employee and the company. The truth is that this type of salary in kind brings great added value both to the company, because it does not have to make a financial effort to apply it, and to the employees, who can save a lot of money per year.

This flexible remuneration can be applied to many aspects of a worker’s working and private life… Do you want to know how to apply it to the company and how you can contribute to the emotional salary of your employees? Read on and we’ll tell you all about it below!

Flexible remuneration: why emotional pay is the future of companies

Flexible remuneration means that employees can use part of their gross salary to buy products/services that are exempt from personal income tax. This means that if an employee, for example, decides to buy his or her public transport pass through this method, he or she can save up to three full months of his or her salary every year. Thanks to this new form of remuneration, the employee can save a lot of money per year and maximize his or her annual net salary. It is important to note that no more than 30% of the gross annual salary can be spent.

This flexible remuneration is yet another way of investing in the employee’s emotional salary, as this form of remuneration is often much more appreciated by the employee than financial remuneration as such. Investing in emotional salary is the future of companies, as it will allow our employees to have a great balance between their work and personal life, increase their psychological wellbeing, making the company have happy work teams and, above all, promote the professional development of each member to the maximum.

Everyone knows that:

“A happy worker is a productive worker” – George Elton Mayo.

Therefore, it is very worthwhile to work on the emotional salary of workers and to opt for flexible remuneration.

SODEXO Trends Study 2021: The best flexible remuneration for your employees

Flexible remuneration can take many forms, as everything depends on the needs of each of our employees. The good thing about this type of emotional pay is that it is totally flexible and an employee can choose whether to apply it or not. Some of the most popular and valued by employees are as follows.

Most popular flexible pay:

  • Restaurant
  • Childcare
  • Gyms
  • Training
  • Transport

Top 5 benefits for the company from flexible remuneration

Apart from all the economic benefits that we can obtain from flexible remuneration, there are many other advantages that have an impact on the general vision of the company, on the social well-being of the employee and on the trust that is formed between the organization and the employee. With this flexible remuneration, the employee will see that the company cares about them and that they are in a good place to work, which will reduce staff turnover and the retention of business talent.

Therefore, the 5 most important benefits for the company are:

  • The worker earns more without an increase in salary.
  • Work-life balance
  • More motivated employees
  • Improved image of the company
  • Voluntary

Flexible remuneration and training for employees: Why is it the best investment?

How many times have you heard that your employees want to train in languages, improve their soft skills or learn about digital marketing? Today’s jobs are constantly reinventing themselves, so if you don’t want your company to be left behind, it’s best to train your employees in the new skills demanded by the labor market. With the training, the employee can save at least 25% of the course fee, so we are giving our workers the opportunity to enhance upskilling and reskilling without a great economic effort.

To get the most out of employee training, the best investment we can make, we have to choose a training course that works on the basis of the objectives and needs of both our company and the employee. At Classgap for Enterprise we have more than 10 years in the corporate training sector, so all our courses are 100% customized so that your employees can learn these new skills to the best of their ability. Precisely for this reason we have developed the “Virtual Classroom platform, a space where teacher and student can have a totally bidirectional communication, share notes, do practices… everything necessary to learn in the best way.

It is possible that, at the beginning, you do not know how to approach the training of your employees and you have doubts about how to apply it according to the needs of each one. If this is the case, don’t worry, because at Classgap for Enterprise we have a totally free audit service where our experts will advise you and help you throughout the whole process.


As you have seen, flexible remuneration is closely linked to emotional pay and only brings advantages. In that case… Don’t you want to give this opportunity to your employees? Contact us today and start working on the happiness and work-life balance of your employees!