types of online courses for companies

The different types of online courses for companies have become a fundamental part of our company. This is because, not only has it become evident that they are necessary for business development, but also because more and more employees are asking their superiors to be able to take training courses so as not to fall behind the competition.

Nowadays, there are many types of online courses for companies and each of them has its own way of providing training. Precisely for this reason we can feel overwhelmed and it can be very difficult for us in human resources to choose the right one… What types of training are there, how can I detect which type of online courses is best for my company, what problems can I encounter?

Don’t worry, we explain you all the keys to be able to perfectly determine which type of online courses for companies are the most effective.

Types of online courses for companies: Which is the best?

A revolution is taking place in the world of training. This is a direct response to the changes in the various markets brought about by globalization and increased business opportunities. Just as jobs are evolving, so should training, right? Well, that is the first point to bear in mind, training that is up to date and constantly changing.

If you want to choose a types of online courses for companies that are 100% effective, you must always have two ideas in mind: Objectives and needs. First, you must have these concepts well-defined within your company and have determined both the objectives you want to achieve with these trainings and the needs of your company and the training needs of your employees. These are the fundamental pillars on which everything else will be built. Only training that can be adapted as much as possible to all of this will be useful for your company.

If you are not clear about your objectives and needs, don’t worry, all is not lost. At Classgap for Enterprise we have a totally free audit service where we will study your company in depth to determine all those aspects to be strengthened and establish short and long term objectives.

Based on the previous point, the type of online course for companies that you choose must have a working methodology that adapts 100% to the needs and objectives of your company. We have to avoid generic courses where the learner does not feel that they are focusing on their job. That is why at Classgap for Enterprise we have developed an innovative methodology that is completely adapted to the current times and to the new normality. With our Virtual Classroom the student and the teacher can have a direct and bidirectional communication in real time where they can discuss, answer questions, do exercises… Everything as if it were a face-to-face class but with the comfort and savings of online training!

We have already seen that the best thing is a methodology that adapts to our objectives and needs, that has an updated syllabus and that there is a platform where the training can be carried out… But, how can I know that this really works? Keep reading and we will give you all the facts about the huge success that Classgap for Enterprise is having compared to traditional training and its competition.

What are the main ROI figures for online training courses for companies?

  • 90% attendance rate.
  • The student is 25% more productive.
  • Teachers share 85% more documents.

Don’t be fooled and go for official, quality online training.

Human Resources – Get it all under control

We have already seen what types of training methodologies are the best for employees, but… How can I calculate the ROI of training and check if my employees are actually doing it and learning?

It is essential to choose a training company that allows you to manage the training actions of all employees directly and obtain first-hand data to calculate the real return on investment.

To do this you need a control panel where you can see the number of employees in training, the classes that correspond to them, whether it is group or face-to-face, the hours to be completed, the teacher they have, the timetables, exercises, the process… In short, information on all aspects so that you can instantly see how the training is developing. Well, that is precisely what we offer you from Classgap for Enterprise, a control panel where you will have all this data 100% detailed. But that’s not all, not only will you be able to get all the information, but you will also have direct control to modify all the aspects you need! Are you not convinced by the teacher, are the trainees having problems combining schedules, would you like to focus the training differently, you can change everything with just one click!


Are you sure you know which types of online courses for companies are the most suitable for your company? Then contact us today and start experiencing the business change you are looking for!