tipos de formacion dentro de la empresa

There are different types of training within companies, the first thing is to differentiate between internal and external training. Internal training is that which workers receive with professionals already within the company, usually training focused on their product or service. Large companies may even have an employee training department, but they currently prefer to outsource training. 

External training is that provided by a specialised training company. If they wish to train their employees in languages, office automation, soft skills… or some other more specific subject, a company dedicated to training will have better results. By hiring a company that specialises in training, companies ensure that the training meets their objectives and that there is a wider range of training on offer.

What types of external training are there? 

Depending on the needs of the company, one type of training will be better than another. Here we leave you with the most common types of training among companies.

  • Video tutorials: These are videos recorded by teachers, which contain the subject matter chosen, they are useful as employees can watch them when they decide (so there is great flexibility in the timetables), but they cannot be applied to all subjects. Learning languages using this type of training is not at all effective, and there is no way of resolving any doubts, so the knowledge may not be well learned. 
  • MOOcs: This type of learning is based on slide presentations in which the subject matter is explained, employees can see them whenever they want so they have flexible hours, but as in the previous format, there is no possibility of resolving doubts, so the knowledge may not be well acquired. 
  • Face-to-face and online classes: Face-to-face and online classes were the most recurrent option in most companies. Face-to-face learning has always been the favourite as it is the one we are most used to, however in recent years online classes have become more relevant due to their convenience.

According to our clients, they had a high rate of absenteeism in classroom-based training, due to not being able to combine work with family and training. It must be taken into account that in classroom-based training, it is necessary to move around, so it requires more time. In an online training only requires an Internet connection, you can make the class from the office, your home… 

Those companies that did not see the benefits of online training before, in this 2020 have understood it. Employee training cannot be paused if it is necessary for their job. In this pandemic that we are experiencing, most companies have chosen to telework or to reduce to a minimum the risk of contagion between workers, which is why those training courses that were not of an online nature have had to adapt to this new situation. 

Personalised online training

Within online training, we find personalised online training, which is characterised by having all the advantages of face-to-face training (tutor who gives the classes, monitoring of the students, live classes…) as well as the benefits of online training (time saving, family and work balance, adaptation of timetables…)

What are companies trained in? 

  • Languages: The training demanded par excellence, continuous language training for employees is necessary in those companies with an international presence or plan to expand to other countries. 
  • Soft Skills: Very necessary in all companies, above all in large companies, as there is a tendency to impersonalise work and the concept of teamwork can be lost. Soft skills training for employees is a need.
  • Digital Marketing: For the marketing departments of companies, training in some specific tool is required, such as training in Google Ads, SEO, photoshop… 
  • Programming: Increasingly essential, companies are gradually introducing employees from different departments into this world in order to have greater autonomy in their workplaces. Discover the benefits of training your employees in programming

Is it possible to give a bonus for training?

Currently, employee training can be subsidized thanks to FUNDAE. In addition, this year the percentage of subsidy for personalized online training has been increased, as it has become “new classroom training”, find out more about FUNDAE’s subsidy. 

Do you want to contract personalised online training? Contact our professionals for information and try a demo if you wish.