Online Private or Group classes

Enjoy being in person... online

Your employees will get the most out of their classes thanks to our Virtual Classroom. With more than 10 years of experience in the online classes sector, at Classgap for Enterprise we know the real needs of companies when looking for corporate online training: Adaptation, quality, personalised attention.

We shy away from the term “e-learning” as we do not offer pre-established courses. Our aim is to provide the best possible online classroom experience, using the advantages of face-to-face classes, such as having a teacher at your disposal and progressing at the pace that the student needs. And the advantages of the online format: flexibility of time and place.

What is the Virtual Classroom? 

Working with a tool developed by us, the facilities are countless. You will see that the personalisation of training goes from the design of the class and student management platform to the last class of your employees.

In our Virtual Classroom, classes take place by video call, teacher and student communicate constantly without interruptions, thus achieving a better internalisation of knowledge.

Thanks to our personalised learning method, you can subsidise your employees’ training as “new classroom training” through Fundae, obtaining up to 100% training credit.  Your employees can take their classes wherever they want, they only need a computer and an internet connection.

Virtual Classroom tools

Videoconference screen

The classes take place in live

Virtual whiteboard

Enhance the teacher's explanations with visual elements

Share screen

Explanations directly from the teacher's eyes

Share documents

Easily manage classroom documents

Assign tasks

Students will not hesitate about what to do.

Group or Individual

Suitable for any methodology

Do you have any doubts?

Is there a limit to the number of students in the class?

No, there is no limit to the number of students in group classes, but we recommend that groups do not exceed 4-5 people for a better learning experience.

How do I subsidise the training of my employees?

The training courses are subsidised through Fundae, but Classgap for Enterprise can manage the subsidy for you.

What can I train my employees in?

Whatever you want, we have professionals in all the subjects you can imagine: languages, marketing, programming, yoga…

How long do the online classes last?

You can choose the duration of the classes, but we recommend 1 hour classes to guarantee a more dynamic class.

Do you want to try a Demo?

The best way to get to know something new is to see it for yourself.
Contact us so we can inspect it thoroughly!