soft skills más demandadas por las empresas

With this year’s pandemic situation, we have been able to hear how leadership in companies has played a fundamental role in their survival and has adapted to this new reality.
We all know that the role of the boss/leader in a difficult moment is decisive, but… is there a manual on how to act?

Soft skills in the company

This is one of the most demanded soft skills; leadership.
We can find Hard Skills, which are the “raw” knowledge a person has about an area, for example the knowledge a marketing employee has about digital marketing tools, content creation, design… The knowledge areas he or she has studied.

But a person is not just made up of his studies, what this person is like, how he acts in difficult situations and how he relates to others is a type of intelligence that is the responsibility of the Soft Skills.

Some examples of Soft Skills are leadership, assertiveness, coaching, emotional intelligence… all have a relevant role within the company and must be developed by both managers and employees to obtain better results and greater business welfare.

Which Soft Skills should your employees have?

Nobody is born learned, and in the case of Soft Skills it is the same. There are people who have innate leadership skills or are assertive, but these skills can be learned and developed, you can have a base but to know them and apply them correctly you must study them. That’s why Soft Skills training in companies is booming, it’s proven that developing Soft Skills in companies improves business performance.

Why should Soft Skill bet on the training of your employees?


Communication within a company is fundamental, it must be clear, correct and close. It seems obvious but it is not always so. When a person wants to express his or her disagreement with a situation, many times a passive or aggressive position is adopted that ends up in conflict. Assertiveness is the ability to communicate your own ideas and rights in a clear and respectful way, without entering into an aggressive or passive plane, thus avoiding a confrontation.

This type of communication has many advantages: 

  • It improves the capacity for individual expression and the social image of the person.
  • It promotes respect among workers.
  • It facilitates communication within the company.
  • It is very useful in resolving conflicts.


Leadership is a soft skill that people can show regardless of whether they have people in charge or not. People with leadership skills are able to inspire others and lead teams to success. It is a highly sought after skill among employees, people with leadership skills are very useful in teams and transmit the following benefits to the team and company:

  • Positive attitude and perspective.
  • Ability to make quick decisions and effectiveness.
  • Great capacity for problem solving or conflict management.
  • Effective communication (they are assertive).
  • Capacity to motivate the team.

Emotional intelligence

EQ is about the ability to feel, understand, control and modify one’s own and others’ emotions.
It is one of the most demanded skills by companies, especially for leaders, the impact they have on employees is not only based on their knowledge and experience but also on the ability to connect with employees to build trust and collaboration.

Some of the skills we can find in emotionally intelligent people are empathy, the ability to motivate (oneself and others), self-awareness… These are some of the skills used to measure people’s emotional intelligence.

It plays a fundamental role in determining the relationships between people (on a personal and professional level) and is especially important in the functioning of organisations. These skills, which we have mentioned, condition teamwork, improving its performance and making it more satisfactory. 

As I have mentioned before, these skills must be trained to be effective in the company. In Classgap for Enterprise we adapt the online training of Soft Skills to the needs of each company, we carry out both group and individual classes depending on the training needs and the desired goal of the company, so employees can develop their soft skills to the maximum.

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