clases de inglés para empleados

Do you want to train your employees in English classes for employees? With globalisation, this language has become the protagonist of all companies, regardless of the field in which they work. That’s why you need to know that English classes for employees and business success is the perfect combination for any company looking to grow and expand its customer base.

For this, the most important thing is to know how to improve the Business English of your employees with English classes for employees. Furthermore, if you want to choose the best course for your employees, you need to know what to take into account in English classes for employees and which are the best tools. Finally, do you know how to get subsidised courses for English classes? You can save a lot of money! If you want to know all this and, above all, how to apply business English correctly depending on the department of your company, you can’t miss this post.

Which departments need English classes for employees?

First of all, it is clear that companies have to be treated as a living organism that needs to evolve all the time and adapt to changes in the market. That is why English for companies is becoming increasingly necessary in the different departments, as new information is constantly arriving in this language and, nowadays, it is necessary for practically all employees to have a minimum knowledge of English in order to be able to interpret and apply it.

Nevertheless, there are some departments that need this language more than others. Likewise, not everyone has to apply it in their job in the same way, nor will they be required by the client to have the same level of command or vocabulary. In this case, the best thing to do is to know perfectly what the needs of each area are, what growth objectives they have and what level of English is necessary, not to get by, but to be able to give the best of themselves in the company.

Customer service and sales: your direct channel to customers

clases de inglés para empleados

It is essential that both the customer service and sales departments have a perfect command of Business English. This is because they are the visible face of the company and the ones in direct contact with the target audience, so it is very important to make a good impression from the start. In this case, it is ideal to focus the English classes in small groups of 3 to 5 people of the same level. With this methodology you can ensure that all your employees get the same business vocabulary and that they are able to apply it to their work. Organising small group training for employees who need to improve their English is the perfect way for employees to learn English quickly and effectively and also to practise with each other.

Computer science, IT experts and technological innovation

Many jobs are currently being created and specialised in which business English is the basis. This is usually linked to more technological areas in which they work directly with e-commerce, computer-related programmes, databases or the technological innovation of the company. This is why these workers have a direct need to have a good level of English and, in addition, to have their technical vocabulary updated, not only in a business environment, but also in the world of technology and computing.

As each job is unique, it is best to invest in One-to-One training for these departments with employees with very specific needs. Thanks to this, each employee will have an individual class totally adapted to his or her objectives and needs where the teacher can focus all the resources on this employee learning as best and as fast as possible. This type of training is undoubtedly the best for departments and jobs with very specific needs that cannot be solved with a generic business English course.

Do CEOs and executives need business English classes?

Although a CEO or a manager is used to having a good level of English, it is very necessary to be able to reinforce and, above all, correct those mistakes that can make them look bad in an interview or business meeting. That is why these profiles are the ones who most need English classes for companies. Reinforcing this Hard Skill will not only have a positive impact on the employee, but, as it is a figure of power, it will reinforce the good brand image both internally and in business meetings with other companies.

If you want to train a CEO or manager, the best thing to do is to carry out One-to-One training, as this will allow them to work directly on their weak points with respect to business English and learn the most effective way to learn all the vocabulary, correct typos or internalise the business protocol of the country where they want to penetrate the business world.

Not sure which is the best course to train them? At Classgap for Enterprise we have more than 10 years of experience in the training sector, so we are perfectly aware of this situation and all our courses are 100% customised according to the company, the student and the objectives and needs they have. In addition, to offer the best possible online training we have developed the “Virtual Classroom” platform, a space where teacher and student can communicate directly, share notes, correct projects and use all the tools they need to learn in the best possible way.


As you have seen, each department is unique and needs different English classes for employees, adapted to their needs. In that case, don’t settle for just any course and choose the methodology that best suits your company. Contact us today and start developing the talents of your employees with in-company English classes.