Courses of management of the bonus by FUNDAE

You have probably heard of terms such as: bonus training, courses of management of the bonus by FUNDAE, programmed training, tripartite training …. But are you really clear on what they are or if they all refer to the same thing? Don’t worry, confusion is normal as many are new terms, they are not usually explained clearly and many HR professionals are not even aware of their existence.

What do you think if I tell you that you can train your employees in the best courses and save a lot of money? Read on and we will tell you why the courses of management of the bonus by FUNDAE are essential in your company and everything you need to know to be able to apply for the training credit that corresponds to your company.

Bonus training by FUNDAE: What should you bear in mind?

First, it is important to understand what bonus training is. This is an aid in the form of a training credit granted by the Spanish State so that companies can solve the training deficiencies of their employees by carrying out training actions that help them directly in their workplace. Thanks to it, many companies that did not have the necessary economic resources to train their employees have the opportunity to offer them these courses.

Who can apply for this training credit? Any Spanish company, regardless of the area in which it works, is entitled to apply for this state training aid. However, there are some exceptions: although people working for public entities and the self-employed can take training courses, they do not have the possibility to apply for this training credit.

Covid-19 Context: How can I carry out the courses?

When choosing the best training course for your employees you have to take into account the methodology to be used. Due to the current situation framed by Covid-19, face-to-face training was reformulated in 2020 to become the “new face-to-face training“. This new modality consists of carrying out online those training courses that were previously given in person. However, in order to be eligible for subsidies, they have to be delivered in compliance with specific conditions.

At Classgap for Enterprise we are perfectly aware of this situation, which is why all our courses are 100% customized and adapted to the “new face-to-face training”. For this reason we have developed the “Virtual Classroom” platform where teacher and student have a totally bidirectional communication at all times, they can share notes, questions, do practical classes… In short, everything necessary to carry out the courses in the best possible way and that is totally adapted to the conditions of FUNDAE so that you do not have any problem when applying for the training credit.

If you are still not sure how to approach the training of your employees, don’t worry. In Classgap for Enterprise we have a totally free audit service. Our experts will advise you both on where to focus your training and on the whole process of subsidized training.

Are bonus training and tripartite training the same thing?

Yes, both bonus training and tripartite training refer to those courses where you can train your employees through social security contributions. This confusion is due to the fact that, in 2015, the name was changed from “Fundación Tripartita to Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo” (FUNDAE), the current name of the entity.

Courses of management of the bonus by FUNDAE: How to apply for your company’s training credit?

Unfortunately, applying for your company’s training credit is not usually an easy process. That is why, if you want to save yourself headaches and misunderstandings, we advise you to first train with specialists in the sector. The best way to do this is to take courses of management of the bonus by FUNDAE, because in these courses you will learn what data to take into account and the steps to follow. Without a doubt, a course of management of the bonus by FUNDAE is not only one of the best tools you can have in human resources, but it will save you a lot of time and money.

In these courses of management of the bonus by FUNDAE you will learn, among many things, what is the maximum cost of the bonus, the private co-financing and how to calculate how much training credit corresponds to your company.

We know that all this information can be overwhelming at first, which is why there are specific free tools such as the bonus calculator. Thanks to it you can find out how much money you can save on your company’s training in less than 24 hours – time is money, so don’t waste yours!


Now that you know what the training credit is, who can apply for it and how to do it… What are you waiting for? Contact us and don’t waste another minute without training your employees in all those fields that are so beneficial for your company!