One of the goals that companies want to achieve in 2022 is to focus on and improve the soft skills of employees. Through team building activities, companies want to focus on strengthening interpersonal relationships between team members and improving the working environment. The main objective of these activities is to achieve an increase in the level of employee productivity that is reflected in the bottom line.

Team building are activities that can be adapted to all tastes and people. The aim of these games is to improve the team’s performance in order to achieve a better position for the organisation in relation to the competition. One of the keys is to emphasise the importance of teamwork, collaboration and empathy in the activities. What are the benefits of team building? Read on to find out.

What is Team Building?

This concept encompasses a variety of participatory activities that are undertaken to improve the performance of teams in organisations and their ability to work together. The English translation is “team building”. It is a management technique that improves the efficiency of work groups, but does so through dynamic activities.

When we talk about work teams, we define the concept as more than just bringing several people together on the same project. Joining different profiles can be very beneficial to obtain good results, but the professional aptitude of people is not enough to achieve these objectives.

In a team, not all of us are the same or act in the same way. The environment or the colleagues themselves are players in the game and the combination may not be the best. The main challenge of a Team Building strategy is to have a team capable of achieving the objectives set by the company.

Doing these activities is a challenge, both physically and mentally, that will promote self-awareness and self-esteem, developing self-confidence and teamwork skills. It is a process of analysis and study to discover the strengths and weaknesses that different team members may have and the appropriate combination of people who have different skill sets.

What are the benefits of Team Building? 

  • It improves workers’ motivation.
  • Strengthens mutual trust between team members.
  • Increase self-awareness of team members’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Improves the working environment and creativity of the teams.
  • Effective collaboration translates into higher productivity.
  • It favours the resolution of calculated risks.

How to increase company productivity through Team Building

The first step towards greater productivity is to increase the trust of team members. It is important to find those issues that can lead to distancing between the team. Therefore, it is important to work on trust, both individually and collectively, in order to improve relations with the other members.

Increased confidence leads to a greater ability to improve performance at work. These activities aim to enable employees to interact more in fun and enjoyable situations, bearing in mind that fun always comes first, and that it is the basis on which to build a good working relationship.

The emergence of younger, more dynamic companies in the world of work has allowed the mindset to change as the generations have passed. It is therefore important that we share goals and work together to achieve them.

Team building is a safe bet for companies. The importance of soft skills has grown and has become a trend for HR departments to work on. If you want to train your employees in soft skills, Classgap for Enterprise is an official training school with more than 10 years of experience in the training sector.

If you want to have a competitive and highly skilled team, contact us today and take advantage of the opportunity to train your employees in soft skills.