You want to make sure your employees are up to date with the skills and knowledge they need to perform their jobs at their best. In today’s world, a company needs to constantly train its employees and managers in order to stay competitive.

Fortunately, we are going through times where information and education play fundamental roles. This can also become a negative aspect because there are lots of corporate learning programmes out there and it may be difficult to differentiate the right one for you.

In order for your organisation to experience the numerous benefits of training for companies, you need to implement a certain series of steps. Keep reading and find out what is the best methodology for corporate training courses.

4 Powerful Reasons for Corporate Learning Courses

As said above, training for companies has many benefits for your business. Here’s a short list of the reasons why you should enroll your company leaders and employees in corporate learning courses.

Less turnover rate and higher engagement: In times of great resignation and talent shortage, it’s key to be able to retain your best employees. Recent studies show that possibility of growth and training are among the top reasons why employees choose to stay in a company. It also drives high engagement in daily work.

Skillset: Although historically employees learned skills and those abilities were useful until retirement, times have changed. Employees need to constantly update and upgrade their knowledge.

Effective leadership: 82% of employees would quit their jobs because of a bad manager, according to a GoodHire report. Not only employee retention is one of the main needs these times, but also good leadership drives exponential growth for businesses. Training your employees and managers in leadership skills is essential.

Higher profit: Companies with higher levels of corporate training show an increase of 218% in profit.

The Best Methodology for Corporate Training

There are different types of training for employees. But once you choose the right training for your company, using the best methodology for corporate training is key to achieving effective results. But what’s that methodology about?

At Classgap for Enterprise, we’ve developed a custom tailor methodology for corporate training to ensure quality, high-end training for companies.

The main characteristics of this method are flexibility and customization.

Employees’ time during their work hours is limited. For this reason, it is essential that corporate learning courses adjust to their specific needs, their own, and their team agendas.

With that in mind, the elements that make Classgap for enterprise training for companies effective, are:

Virtual classroom: With private or group online classes, employees can take their lessons and courses using their laptops. That way they don’t have to travel or move to another place to participate. Our virtual classroom provides tools such as videoconferences, a virtual whiteboard, and screen sharing features, among others.

Dashboard: Specially designed for the HR team, the dashboard works as a training monitoring panel where you can keep track of the classes, make group plans, allocate training hours, keep up to date with metrics, track attendance, get the invoices, and more.

Business training plans: Your employees have different needs. Getting to understand which those are and providing the right corporate training is key for corporate learning courses to succeed. That’s what the business training plan is all about.

Training audits: After taking their course, employee feedback will be a valuable tool to determine the level of success of the training for companies.

The Importance of a Training Plan for Companies and an Audit

Companies spend globally USD 350B in corporate training. However, recent research reveals that both managers and employees are either not satisfied with the training received or often don’t feel they master the skills they need for their jobs.

But why does this happen? Isn’t training for companies the path to happy, skilled employees and business growth?

Yes, it is. But you, as an HR department member need to make sure your employees and company leaders receive the right corporate training course for them to successfully contribute to the company.

There are two fundamental steps in the process of corporate training:

  • Developing a training plan: a custom tailor training plan for your business according to your employee’s needs (conduct surveys and meetings to know which those are).
  • Carrying out an audit: Audits help determine your employees’ satisfaction with corporate learning and the impact of the training.

How to get Training for Companies: Next Steps

Training for companies is key to business growth. Gone are those days when employees learned something and used it for the rest of their lives until retirement.

But enrolling in corporate training courses will not be enough.

You, as an HR department member, need to make sure you enroll your employees in the right corporate training programme if you don’t want to be part of that 350B annual spending with no results. Using the right methodology for corporate training courses will be crucial for that.

In this article, we provided a concrete methodology for training for companies. Check out our corporate learning courses if you’re ready to take the next step.