French for business

Due to the great changes we are living through, knowing French for business has become more essential than ever. This is because, apart from its numerous advantages, this skill is one of the most effective in gaining new international clients.

Your employees may have a basic knowledge of the language, but it is not enough to remain at that level. If we want our company to be fully open to the international market and have more business opportunities, we need our employees to be fluent in the language.

Likewise, when it comes to choosing the ideal French for business course for our employees, we may have many doubts… Is group or individual French training better, can I get a bonus for French for business training, which one is best suited to the needs of my company and our field of work? Don’t worry, it’s normal to have these doubts and at Classgap for Enterprise we have all the information you need. But first you have to ask yourself the key question… Is the online or face-to-face methodology better for my employees?

French for business: online methodology

We have always thought that the best training there can be is face-to-face. This is because, until relatively recently, we did not know of other alternatives that could be adapted to our individual and workplace needs. With the business revolution we are living through, traditional training is becoming obsolete and new methodologies are needed that allow us to obtain new and updated knowledge in the best, quickest and easiest way possible.

What are the advantages of online French language training for business?

  • Geographical barriers disappear.
  • Native teachers: People from all over the world who currently live in the country you are interested in (France, Switzerland, Canada, etc.).
  • Current epidemiological situation: The most responsible and safest option.
  • It can be taken regardless of your personal or professional circumstances.
  • Big money saving: no need to rent a physical space.
  • You don’t waste time travelling.

Think how glad your employees will be when they can receive the best possible education, dynamic and interesting, with native teachers and from the comfort of their own home. Online methodology is undoubtedly the best possible option for in-company French courses.

Face-to-face methodology

Everyone has experienced face-to-face methodology at some point in their lives. If we think back, we can see that it has certain advantages and disadvantages to be taken into account.

What are the disadvantages of French for Business face-to-face training?

  • Very difficult to combine with an 8-hour job.
  • Old and stagnant methodology
  • Outdated syllabus
  • Mentally and physically exhausting
  • Much more expensive than online
  • Difficult to balance timetable between teacher and student

We know that you have already decided on the online methodology for your employees’ in-company French courses. That’s why Classgap for Enterprise makes it easy for you. On our platform you will find all the facilities and innovative methodologies available for your employees to be trained in the best possible way based on their individual needs. We have also developed a Virtual Classroom where teacher and student can be connected at the same time, share ideas and experience a totally bidirectional communication.

If you are not sure about the level of your employees or which in-company French course is best suited to your company’s market, don’t worry. We have a totally free audit service where we will tell you which are the training deficiencies where to focus your attention.

Don’t miss out on these opportunities and contact us today!